List of living members of World Series-losing teams

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This is a list of living members of World Series-losing teams through 1973.

Updated October 2, 2022

1947 Brooklyn Dodgers (1)[edit]

1949 Brooklyn Dodgers (2)[edit]

1950 Philadelphia Phillies (1)[edit]

1951 New York Giants (1)[edit]

1952 Brooklyn Dodgers (2)[edit]

1953 Brooklyn Dodgers (2)[edit]

  • Carl Erskine
  • Bobby Morgan

1954 Cleveland Indians (1)[edit]

1955 New York Yankees (3)[edit]

1956 Brooklyn Dodgers (4)[edit]

1957 New York Yankees (3)[edit]

1958 Milwaukee Braves (5)[edit]

1959 Chicago White Sox (7)[edit]

1960 New York Yankees (6)[edit]

1961 Cincinnati Reds (8)[edit]

1962 San Francisco Giants (9)[edit]

1963 New York Yankees (7)[edit]

1964 New York Yankees (12)[edit]

1965 Minnesota Twins (20)[edit]

1966 Los Angeles Dodgers (15)[edit]

1967 Boston Red Sox (20)[edit]

1968 St. Louis Cardinals (18)[edit]

1969 Baltimore Orioles (14)[edit]

1970 Cincinnati Reds (25)[edit]

1971 Baltimore Orioles (17)[edit]

1972 Cincinnati Reds (22)[edit]

1973 New York Mets (27)[edit]

List of last surviving members of World Series-losing teams[edit]

These players did not necessarily play in that year's World Series.

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