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The Texas League was a AA minor league. The first Texas League was founded in 1888 and ran through 1890. The league was revived as a class D league in 1902, moved to class C in 1904 where it played through 1910 (except for 1906 as class D again), played at class B until 1920, and finally moved up to class A in 1921. The Texas League, like so many others, shut down during World War II. From 1959 to 1961 the Texas League and the Mexican League formed the Pan American Association. The two leagues played a limited interlocking schedule and post-season championship. In 1971, the Texas League and the Southern League were both down to seven teams. They played an interlocking schedule with the SL known as the Dixie Association. The two league played separate playoffs. In 2004 the league opened the Texas League Hall of Fame.

The Texas League was disbanded before the 2021 season, after the 2020 season was cancelled. In its last incarnation, it comprised eight teams, divided into two divisions. Most of these teams moved over to the new Double-A Central. In a reversal, the Double-A Central was re-rebranded as the Texas League in 2022, reviving the league.

Current Teams, Managers, and Affiliations[edit]

North Division South Division
Team Manager Affiliation Team Manager Affiliation
Arkansas Travelers Christian Colón Seattle Mariners Amarillo Sod Poodles Tim Bogar Arizona Diamondbacks
Northwest Arkansas Naturals Tommy Shields Kansas City Royals Corpus Christi Hooks Dickie Joe Thon Houston Astros
Springfield Cardinals Jose Leger St. Louis Cardinals Frisco Rough Riders Carlos Cardoza Texas Rangers
Tulsa Drillers Scott Hennessey Los Angeles Dodgers Midland Rockhounds Gregorio Petit Oakland Athletics
Wichita Wind Surge Ramon Borrego Minnesota Twins San Antonio Missions Luke Montz San Diego Padres

League Champions and Award Winners (1915 to present)[edit]

Year Champion Player of the Year Pitcher of the Year
1915 Waco Navigators
1916 Waco Navigators
1917 Dallas Submarines
1918 Dallas Submarines
1919 Shreveport Gassers
1920 Fort Worth Panthers
1921 Fort Worth Panthers
1922 Fort Worth Panthers
1923 Fort Worth Panthers
1924 Fort Worth Panthers
1925 Fort Worth Panthers
1926 Dallas Steers
1927 Wichita Falls Spudders
1928 Houston Buffaloes
1929 Dallas Steers
1930 Fort Worth Panthers
1931 Houston Buffaloes Dizzy Dean, Houston
1932 Beaumont Exporters Hank Greenberg, Beaumont
1933 San Antonio Missions Zeke Bonura, Dallas George Darrow, Galveston
1934 Galveston Buccaneers Charlie English, Galveston Ash Hillin, San Antonio
1935 Oklahoma City Indians Rudy York, Beaumont
1936 Tulsa Oilers Les Mallon, Dallas
1937 Fort Worth Cats Ash Hillin, Oklahoma City
1938 Beaumont Exporters Dizzy Trout, Beaumont
1939 Fort Worth Cats Nick Cullop, Houston
1940 Houston Buffaloes Bob Muncrief, San Antonio
1941 Dallas Rebels Rip Russell, Tulsa
1942 Shreveport Sports Dick Wakefield, Beaumont
1946 Dallas Rebels Hank Schenz, Tulsa Prince Oana, Dallas
1947 Houston Buffaloes Al Rosen, Oklahoma City Clarence Beers, Houston
1948 Fort Worth Cats Irv Noren, Ft. Worth Harry Perkowski, Tulsa
1949 Tulsa Oilers Herb Conyers, Oklahoma City Joe Landrum, Fort Worth
1950 San Antonio Missions Gil McDougald, Beaumont Wayne McLeland, Dallas
1951 Houston Buffaloes Jim Dyck, San Antonio Bob Turley, San Antonio
1952 Shreveport Sports Billy Hunter, Ft. Worth Hal Erickson, Dallas
1953 Dallas Eagles Joe Frazier, Oklahoma City Don Fracchia, Beaumont
1954 Houston Buffaloes Frank Kellert, San Antonio John Andre, Shreveport
1955 Shreveport Sports Ray Murray, Dallas Red Murff, Dallas
1956 Houston Buffaloes Ken Guettler, Shreveport Bert Thiel, Dallas
1957 Houston Buffaloes Jim Frey, Tulsa Tommy Bowers, Dallas
1958 Corpus Christi Giants Mike Lutz, Corpus Christi Joe Kotrany, Dallas
1959 Austin Senators Carl Warwick, Victoria Carroll Beringer, Victoria
1960 Tulsa Oilers Chuck Hiller, Rio Grande Valley Jack Curtis, San Antonio
1961 San Antonio Missions Phil Linz, Amarillo Larry Maxie, Austin
1962 Tulsa Oilers Cap Peterson, El Paso Gordie Richardson, Tulsa
1963 Tulsa Oilers Jim Beauchamp, Tulsa Camilo Estevis, Albuquerque
1964 San Antonio Bullets Joe Morgan, San Antonio Chris Zachary, San Antonio
1965 Albuquerque Dodgers Leo Posada, Amarillo Ken Nixon, Austin
1966 Austin Braves Tommy Hutton, Albuquerque Fred Norman, Dallas/Ft Worth
1967 Albuquerque Dodgers Nate Colbert, Amarillo John Duffie, Albuquerque
1968 El Paso Sun Kings Jim Spencer, El Paso & Bill Sudakis, Albuquerque Santiago Guzman, Arkansas
1969 Memphis Blues Larry Johnson, Dallas/Ft. Worth & Bobby Grich, Dallas/Ft. Worth Bill Frost, Amarillo
1970 Albuquerque Dodgers Mickey Rivers, El Paso Jim Flynn, Albuquerque
1971 Arkansas Travelers Enos Cabell, Dallas/Ft. Worth Wayne Garland, Dallas/Ft Worth
1972 El Paso Dodgers Randy Elliott, Alexandria Dave Freisleben, Alexandria
1973 Memphis Blues Hector Cruz, Arkansas Frank Tanana, El Paso
1974 Victoria Toros John Balaz, El Paso Randy Wiles, Arkansas & Dennis Eckersley, San Antonio
1975 Midland Cubs / Lafayette Drillers (co-champs) Gary Alexander, Lafayette
1976 Amarillo Gold Sox Willie Aikens, El Paso
1977 Arkansas Travelers Karl Pagel, Midland
1978 El Paso Diablos Bobby Clark, El Paso
1979 Arkansas Travelers Mark Brouhard, El Paso
1980 Arkansas Travelers Tim Leary, Jackson
1981 Jackson Mets Steve Sax, San Antonio Alan Fowlkes, Shreveport
1982 Tulsa Drillers Darryl Strawberry, Jackson Jeff Bittiger, Jackson
1983 Beaumont Golden Gators Mark Gillaspie, Beaumont Sid Fernandez, San Antonio
1984 Jackson Mets James Steels, Beaumont Calvin Schiraldi, Jackson
1985 Jackson Mets Billy Jo Robidoux, El Paso Juan Nieves, El Paso
1986 El Paso Diablos Steve Stanicek, El Paso George Ferran, Shreveport
1987 Wichita Pilots Gregg Jefferies, Jackson Dennis Cook, Shreveport
1988 Tulsa Drillers Jeff Manto, Midland Blaine Beatty, Jackson
1989 Arkansas Travelers Ray Lankford, Arkansas Andy Benes, Wichita
1990 Shreveport Captains Henry Rodriguez, San Antonio Anthony Young, Jackson
1991 Shreveport Captains John Jaha, El Paso Paul McClellan, Shreveport
1992 Wichita Wranglers Troy O'Leary, El Paso Dan Smith, Tulsa
1993 Jackson Generals Roberto Petagine, Jackson Ben Van Ryn, San Antonio
1994 El Paso Diablos Tim Unroe, El Paso Sid Roberson, El Paso
1995 Shreveport Captains Johnny Damon, Wichita Steve Bourgeois, Shreveport
1996 Jackson Generals Bubba Smith, Tulsa Keith Foulke, Shreveport
1997 San Antonio Missions Mike Kinkade, El Paso Steve Woodard, El Paso
1998 Tulsa Drillers Tyrone Horne, Arkansas Jose Jimenez, Arkansas
1999 Wichita Wranglers Adam Piatt, Midland Eric Gagne, San Antonio
2000 Round Rock Express Keith Ginter, Round Rock Bud Smith, Arkansas
2001 Arkansas Travelers Jason Lane, Round Rock Tim Redding, Round Rock
2002 San Antonio Missions Chad Tracy, El Paso Kirk Saarloos, Round Rock
2003 San Antonio Missions Justin Leone, San Antonio Travis Blackley, San Antonio
2004 Frisco Rough Riders Ryan Shealy, Tulsa Jeff Francis, Tulsa
2005 Midland Rockhounds Andre Ethier, Midland Jason Hirsh, Corpus Christi
2006 Corpus Christi Hooks Alex Gordon, Wichita Matt Albers, Corpus Christi
2007 San Antonio Missions Chase Headley, San Antonio Josh Geer, San Antonio
2008 Arkansas Travelers Kila Ka'aihue, Northwest Arkansas Vin Mazzaro, Midland
2009 Midland Rockhounds Chris Carter, Midland Sam Deduno, Tulsa
2010 Northwest Arkansas Naturals Mike Moustakas, Northwest Arkansas Blake Beavan, Frisco
2011 San Antonio Missions Matt Adams, Springfield Matt Shoemaker, Arkansas
2012 Springfield Cardinals Oscar Taveras, Springfield Barret Loux, Frisco
2013 San Antonio Missions George Springer, Corpus Christi David Martinez, Corpus Christi
2014 Midland RockHounds Alex Yarbrough, Arkansas Tyler Anderson, Tulsa
2015 Midland RockHounds Chad Pinder, Midland Nate Smith, Arkansas
2016 Midland RockHounds Matt Chapman, Midland Chase De Jong, Tulsa
2017 Midland RockHounds Matt Beaty, Tulsa Dakota Hudson, Springfield
2018 Tulsa Drillers Joey Curletta, Arkansas Logan Allen, San Antonio
2019 Amarillo Sod Poodles Dylan Carlson, Springfield Darren McCaughan, Arkansas
2020 Season Cancelled
2021 see Double-A Central
2022 Frisco RoughRiders Moises Gomez, Springfield Taylor Dollard, Arkansas

Hall of Fame Alumni[edit]

Cities Represented[edit]


In 1888, San Antonio disbanded May 24, Ft. Worth on July 4, Houston on August 7, and Galveston on August 27. Austin moved to San Antonio on July 4, and New Orleans entered from the disbanded Southern League in mid-July.
In 1890, Austin disbanded June 2, and when Ft. Worth decided to follow, the whole league disbanded June 10.


Further Reading[edit]

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