Albuquerque Dukes

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There have been numerous minor league entries in Albuquerque, NM which have called themselves the Dukes. The first Albuquerque Dukes played in the short-lived class D Rio Grande Association, which only existed in 1915. The name was revived in 1942 for the Albuquerque entry in the West Texas-New Mexico League. The league was out of action from '43-'45 due to World War II but when it returned, so did the Dukes, this time for a 10-year run. When the WT-NM folded after 1955, the Dukes joined the class A Western League, which was expanding from 6 teams to 8. The team went under .500 in '56, '57 and '58. In 1959 Major League Baseball decided not to give any farm ties to the Western, which collapsed as a result.

After a year without baseball, the Dukes returned in 1960 as members of the Sophomore League, but this league folded as well after the '61 season.

An "old-time baseball" note: During the Sophomore League years, when a Dukes' player hit a home run, fans would put folded dollar bills into the screen behind home plate for the player to retrieve. On at least one occasion (probably more), a grand-slam home run moved some enthusiastic fans to stuff 4 dollar bills into the screen together!

The Dukes moved up to AA by joining the Texas League in 1962, starting a relationship that would last 10 years, tying the prior high for the Dukes. Affiliates of the Kansas City A's for a year, the Dukes switched to the Los Angeles Dodgers in '63. In 1965 the team was renamed the Albuquerque Dodgers. The team remained a Dodgers farm team when it moved to AAA in 1972, this time as the Dukes. After a long 29 years as the Dodgers' Pacific Coast League representative, the team moved north and became the Portland Beavers after the 2000 campaign.

Albuquerque home games were played in Tingley Field from at least 1962 through 1968. From 1969 on , they played at the Albuquerque Sports Stadium.

Year-by-Year Record[edit]

Year Record Finish Manager Playoffs Hitting Coach Pitching Coach
1915 32-25 3rd George Reed League disbanded July 6
1942 25-30 -- Dixie Howell Team withdrew June 23
1946 55-85 6th Jimmy Zinn
1947 74-64 3rd Buck Fausett Lost in 1st round
1948 88-52 1st Hersh Martin Lost in 1st round
1949 83-56 1st Hersh Martin League Champs
1950 89-58 2nd Hersh Martin League Champs
1951 82-60 2nd Hersh Martin Lost in 1st round
1952 77-65 2nd Buck Fausett Lost in 1st round
1953 87-55 1st Tom Jordan League Champs
1954 62-74 5th Tom Jordan
1955 79-60 2nd Eddie Bockman Lost in 1st round
1956 59-81 7th Bob Swift
1957 66-88 6th (t) Nick Cullop (38-50) / Ron Shoop (2-3) / Hal Toso (26-23)
1958 71-75 5th Jimmy Brown
1960 57-72 5th Bert Thiel
1961 64-63 3rd Grady Wilson Lost League Finals
1962 70-70 3rd Bobby Hofman Lost in 1st round
1963 67-73 5th Clay Bryant
1964 75-65 3rd Clay Bryant Lost in 1st round
1972 92-56 1st Tommy Lasorda League Champs
1973 62-82 8th Stan Wasiak
1974 76-66 2nd Stan Wasiak Lost League Finals
1975 71-73 5th Stan Wasiak
1976 66-78 6th Stan Wasiak
1977 60-78 8th James B. Williams
1978 78-62 2nd Del Crandall Co-Champs
1979 86-62 1st Del Crandall Lost in 1st round
1980 85-62 2nd Del Crandall League Champs
1981 94-38 1st Del Crandall League Champs Sandy Koufax
1982 85-58 1st Del Crandall League Champs Dick McLaughlin Brent Strom
1983 85-58 2nd Del Crandall (43-32) / Terry Collins (42-26) Lost League Finals Dick McLaughlin Brent Strom
1984 62-81 10th Terry Collins Dick McLaughlin Dave Wallace
1985 67-76 6th Terry Collins Dick McLaughlin
1986 54-88 10th Terry Collins Dick McLaughlin Dave Wallace
1987 77-65 3rd Terry Collins League Champs Ben Hines Brent Strom
1988 86-56 1st Terry Collins Lost in 1st round Von Joshua Brent Strom
1989 80-62 1st Kevin Kennedy Lost League Finals Von Joshua Brent Strom
1990 91-51 1st Kevin Kennedy League Champs Von Joshua Claude Osteen
1991 80-58 1st Kevin Kennedy Von Joshua Claude Osteen
1992 65-78 8th Bill Russell Von Joshua Claude Osteen Mickey Hatcher
1993 71-72 5th Bill Russell Tom Beyers Glenn Gregson
1994 83-56 1st Rick Dempsey League Champs Nate Oliver Glenn Gregson
1995 75-69 5th Rick Dempsey
1996 67-76 9th Phil Regan
1997 62-79 8th Glenn Hoffman Jon Debus Claude Osteen
1998 61-82 13th Glenn Hoffman (27-41) / Jon Debus (1-4)
/ Ron Roenicke (33-37)
Jon Debus Claude Osteen
1999 65-74 11th (t) Mike Scioscia Mickey Hatcher Claude Osteen
2000 86-58 3rd Tom Gamboa Lost in 1st round Ron Jackson Dean Treanor