Shreveport Captains

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The Shreveport Captains began play in the Texas League in 1971 when the El Paso Sun Kings relocated to Shreveport, Louisiana. In 2001, the team became known as the Shreveport Swamp Dragons and after two seasons, they moved and became the Frisco Rough Riders.

In their first fifteen years (1971-1985), the team won no playoff series, but made the playoffs in the next ten years (1986-1995), winning three championships. In their last season of play, Shreveport won the Eastern Division first half title, then set a record for most losses in a half in the second half.

The team won Texas League titles in 1990, 1991, and 1995. The team produced no MVPs but 6 Pitchers of the year: Alan Fowlkes (1981), George Ferran (1986), Dennis Cook (1987), Paul McClellan (1991), Steve Bourgeois (1995), and Keith Foulke (1996).

Year-by-Year Record[edit]

Year Record Finish Manager Playoffs Hitting Coach Pitching Coach
1971 69-73 5th Les Moss
1972 64-76 7th Norm Sherry
1973 70-68 3rd Gene Freese
1974 59-79 7th Gene Freese (36-51) / Ken McBride (23-28)
1975 76-52 2nd Tim Murtaugh
1976 70-66 3rd Johnny Lipon Lost League Finals
1977 62-68 5th (t) Johnny Lipon (23-16) / Tim Murtaugh (39-52)
1978 55-81 7th Steve Demeter
1979 73-62 3rd Andy Gilbert Lost in 1st round
1980 49-87 8th Andy Gilbert
1981 68-67 5th Jack Mull Jim Duffalo
1982 62-73 7th Jack Mull
1983 72-64 2nd Duane Espy
1984 59-77 7th Duane Espy Steve Cline
1985 72-64 3rd Duane Espy Steve Cline
1986 80-56 2nd Wendell Kim Lost in 1st round Marty DeMerritt
1987 78-57 1st Jack Mull Lost in 1st round Marty DeMerritt
1988 74-62 3rd Jack Mull Lost in 1st round Steve Cline
1989 75-61 2nd Bill Evers Lost in 1st round Steve Cline
1990 65-68 6th Bill Evers League Champs Tony Taylor Todd Oakes
1991 86-50 1st Bill Evers League Champs Tony Taylor Todd Oakes
1992 77-59 1st (t) Bill Robinson Lost League Finals Dick Dietz Steve Cline
1993 66-70 7th Ron Wotus Lost in 1st round Bill Stein Steve Cline
1994 73-63 3rd Ron Wotus Lost in 1st round Frank Cacciatore Steve Cline
1995 88-47 1st Ron Wotus League Champs Frank Cacciatore Joe Horlen
1996 73-66 3rd Frank Cacciatore
1997 76-62 2nd Carlos Lezcano Lost League Finals Mike Hart Frank Reberger
1998 57-83 8th Mike Hart Frank Cacciatore Todd Oakes
1999 71-69 4th Shane Turner Lost in 1st round Ross Grimsley
2000 58-81 8th Bill Hayes Lost in 1st round Benji Simonton Ross Grimsley Lee Smith