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The people listed below left Cuba following the communist revolution of Fidel Castro. Some left their homeland specifically to play professional baseball which was abolished in Cuba. Alexei Ramirez said that he did not consider himself a defector when he left Cuba but is still included in this list. Not included are people who played outside Cuba with the permission of the Cuban government (Fausto Alvarez, Omar Linares, Remigio Leal, etc.)

On December 19, 2018, Major League Baseball reached a deal with the Cuban Baseball Federation establishing a legal path for players to transfer to Organized Baseball. However, this agreement, which would have largely brought an end to defections, was revoked by the Trump Administration the following April, as it objected to transfer fees being paid to the Federation.

In 2019, Yuniesky Betancourt became the first player to return to Cuba after having defected and played in MLB, followed soon by Erisbel Arruebaruena. Pavel Quesada and Lisban Correa also returned around this time after not signing with a MLB team. In the 2023 World Baseball Classic, players who had defected were allowed to play for the Cuban national team for the first time without having been repatriated, opening the door for some defectors to appear for the national team for the first time, such as Luis Robert.

Players marked with a ^ left Cuba as children and thus had no political motive of their own. Players in bold appeared for the Cuban national team. Players marked with a * later returned to Cuba and continued their careers there.

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(Correa, Drake and Quesada played on the national team after returning to Cuba, not before defecting; Arruebarrena played for the national team both before defecting and after returning)

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