1949 Rule V Draft

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The major league 1949 Rule V Draft was held November 17 in Cincinnati, OH, while the minor league phase was held December 5-7 in Baltimore, MD. 243 players total were drafted by the major and minor league clubs. 21 players were drafted by major league teams at a cost of $192,500, while minor league teams selected 222 players at a cost of $449,050. Additionally 13 umpires were selected by minor leagues.

On December 5 AAA teams drafted 27 players, AA teams drafted 28 players, and A teams drafted 48 players. On December 6 B teams drafted 76 players and C teams drafted 39 players. On December 7 4 "delayed" selections were made, including Dewey Williams by the Seattle Rainiers.

Rule V Draft Major league Selections[edit]

Selecting team Player Position Team Organization
Boston Red Sox George Copeland Pitcher Rochester Red Wings St. Louis Cardinals
Chicago White Sox Joe Erautt Catcher Baltimore Orioles Detroit Tigers
Chicago White Sox Bill Connelly Pitcher Toledo Mud Hens Detroit Tigers
Cleveland Indians Leo Thomas Infield Portland Beavers Portland
New York Yankees Hugh Radcliffe Pitcher Toronto Maple Leafs Philadelphia Phillies
Philadelphia A's Ben Guintini Outfielder Dallas Eagles Dallas
Philadelphia A's Hank Wyse Pitcher Shreveport Sports Shreveport
Philadelphia A's Edward Hrabczak Pitcher Stamford Pioneers Stamford
St. Louis Browns Tom Upton Infielder Kansas City Blues New York Yankees
St. Louis Browns Sid Schacht Pitcher Louisville Colonels Boston Red Sox
Washington Senators Steve Nagy Pitcher San Francisco Seals San Francisco
Washington Senators George Genovese Shortstop Hollywood Stars Brooklyn Dodgers
Washington Senators Mickey Grasso Catcher Seattle Rainiers Seattle
Brooklyn Dodgers Mal Mallette Pitcher Sacramento Solons Sacramento
Chicago Cubs Johnny Klippstein Pitcher Montreal Royals Brooklyn Dodgers
Cincinnati Reds Everett Johnson Catcher Los Angeles Angels Chicago Cubs
Cincinnati Reds Rudy Minarcin Pitcher Toronto Maple Leafs Philadelphia Phillies
New York Giants Sam Calderone Catcher St. Paul Saints Brooklyn Dodgers
Philadelphia Phillies Milo Candini Pitcher Oakland Oaks Oakland
Pittsburgh Pirates George Strickland Shortstop Birmingham Barons Boston Red Sox
St. Louis Cardinals Harold Stamey Outfielder Utica Blue Sox Philadelphia Phillies

Rule V Draft AAA Selections[edit]

Selecting team Player Position Team Organization
Columbus Red Birds Bill Sarni Catcher Shreveport Sports Shreveport
Columbus Red Birds Luis Arroyo Pitcher Greensboro Patriots Greensboro
Columbus Red Birds Gene Major Pitcher Chattanooga Lookouts Washington Senators
Columbus Red Birds Joseph Chuka Pitcher Montgomery Rebels Montgomery
Indianapolis Indians Paul LaPalme Pitcher Hartford Chiefs Boston Braves
Kansas City Blues Dale Long 1st baseman Williamsport Tigers Detroit Tigers
Louisville Colonels Arnold Spence Outfielder Springfield Browns St. Louis Browns
Milwaukee Brewers Herman Rhodes 2nd baseman Memphis Chicks Chicago White Sox
Minneapolis Millers Joseph Konitzki Catcher Pueblo Dodgers Brooklyn Dodgers
Toledo Mud Hens Floyd Fogg 3rd baseman Nashville Vols Chicago Cubs
Baltimore Orioles Grant Dunlap Shortstop Oklahoma City Indians Cleveland Indians
Baltimore Orioles Jim Dyck 3rd baseman Binghamton Triplets New York Yankees
Buffalo Bisons Harry Minor Catcher Albany Senators Pittsburgh Pirates
Montreal Royals George Thomas Pitcher Utica Blue Sox Philadelphia Phillies
Newark Bears Jackson Hollis 2nd baseman Atlanta Crackers Atlanta
Rochester Red Wings Ralph Caldwell Catcher Williamsport Tigers Detroit Tigers
Rochester Red Wings Joe Montalvo Catcher Vicksburg Billies Vicksburg
Rochester Red Wings William VanHeuitt Outfielder Tulsa Oilers Cincinnati Reds
Rochester Red Wings Charles Sedor Outfielder Goldsboro Goldbugs Goldsboro
Hollywood Stars Jim Zavitka Pitcher Columbia Reds Cincinnati Reds
Los Angeles Angels Ben Taylor 1st baseman Mobile Bears Brooklyn Dodgers
Portland Beavers Max Macon 1B/OF Modesto Reds Pittsburgh Pirates
Portland Beavers Jack Creel Pitcher Houston Buffaloes St. Louis Cardinals
Portland Beavers John "Butch" Tierney Pitcher Yakima Bears Yakima
San Diego Padres John Marshall Pitcher Victoria Athletics Victoria
Seattle Rainiers Al Gerheauser Pitcher San Antonio Missions St. Louis Browns
Seattle Rainiers Freddy Schmidt Pitcher Dallas Eagles Dallas

Rule V Draft AA Selections[edit]

Selecting team Player Position Team Organization
Birmingham Barons Louis Damman Infielder Billings Mustangs Brooklyn Dodgers
Birmingham Barons James Cronin Outfielder Flint Arrows Detroit Tigers
Birmingham Barons Rodney Morgan Pitcher Norfolk Tars New York Yankees
Chattanooga Lookouts Alec A. Driskill Outfielder Asheville Tourists Brooklyn Dodgers
Chattanooga Lookouts Bob Ross Pitcher Pueblo Dodgers Brooklyn Dodgers
Chattanooga Lookouts Survern Wright Pitcher Rock Hill Chiefs Rock Hill
Chattanooga Lookouts Hal Harrigan 3rd Baseman Anderson Rebels Anderson
Nashville Vols Harold Ivy Outfielder Charleston Rebels Chicago White Sox
New Orleans Pelicans Melvin Brookey Catcher Terre Haute Phillies Philadelphia Phillies
New Orleans Pelicans John Moore Outfielder Waterloo White Hawks Chicago White Sox
Mobile Bears Clarence Peters Pitcher Denver Bears Boston Braves
Memphis Chicks James Pavlica Pitcher Springfield Browns St. Louis Browns
Beaumont Exporters John Fitzgerald Pitcher Florence Steelers Florence
Dallas Eagles Jack Venable Pitcher Borger Gassers Borger
Dallas Eagles Roger Isringhaus Catcher Wichita Falls Spudders St. Louis Browns
Dallas Eagles Glenn Burns Outfielder Longview Texans Longview
Dallas Eagles William Klaus Infielder Grand Rapids Jets Chicago Cubs
Fort Worth Cats Fred Storck Outfielder Des Moines Bruins Chicago Cubs
Houston Buffaloes Donald Maxa Outfielder Binghamton Triplets New York Yankees
Houston Buffaloes Ralph Rahmes Outfielder Gainesville Owls Gainesville
Houston Buffaloes Thomas Keating Pitcher Eau Claire Bears Boston Braves
Houston Buffaloes George Condrick Pitcher Spartanburg Peaches Cleveland Indians
San Antonio Missions Clyde Haskell Shortstop Wenatchee Chiefs Wenatchee
Shreveport Sports Kenneth Rogers Pitcher Scranton Red Sox Boston Red Sox
Shreveport Sports George Fisher 2nd Baseman Pensacola Fliers Pensacola
Shreveport Sports James Halkard 1st Baseman Greensboro Patriots Greensboro
Tulsa Oilers Jim Curley Pitcher Columbus Cardinals St. Louis Cardinals
Tulsa Oilers Carl Kolosna Outfielder Utica Blue Sox Philadelphia Phillies

Rule V Draft A Selections[edit]

Selecting team Player Position Team Organization
Charleston Senators Robert Hughes Pitcher Billings Mustangs Brooklyn Dodgers
Charleston Senators Roger Wright Pitcher Tampa Smokers Tampa
Dayton Indians Fred Wagner Pitcher Pawtucket Slaters Boston Braves
Grand Rapids Jets Hyman Cohen Pitcher Norfolk Tars New York Yankees
Albany Senators Thomas Vangelas 1st baseman Wilmington Blue Rocks Philadelphia Phillies
Albany Senators Harold Erickson Pitcher Quebec Braves Quebec
Binghamton Triplets Russell Wileman 1st Baseman Richmond Colts New York Giants
Binghamton Triplets Richard Welker Outfielder Terre Haute Phillies Philadelphia Phillies
Elmira Pioneers James Morgan Shortstop El Dorado Oilers El Dorado
Elmira Pioneers Virgil Giovannoni Pitcher Waco Pirates Pittsburgh Pirates
Hartford Chiefs Lester Severin Outfielder Danville Dodgers Brooklyn Dodgers
Hartford Chiefs Phillip Paine Pitcher Wilmington Blue Rocks Philadelphia Phillies
Scranton Miners Kenneth Siefert Pitcher Lynchburg Cardinals St. Louis Cardinals
Scranton Miners Adam Zwierzynski Outfielder Topeka Owls Topeka
Utica Blue Sox Ed Graham Pitcher Phoenix Senators Phoenix
Wilkes-Barre Barons James King Outfielder Waco Pirates Pittsburgh Pirates
Williamsport Tigers Russell Nelson 2nd Baseman Asheville Tourists Brooklyn Dodgers
Augusta Tigers William Jesse Cox 2nd Baseman Greenville Majors Greenville
Charleston Rebels John Nansteel Pitcher Quebec Braves Quebec
Charleston Rebels Charles Bell 2nd Baseman Quincy Gems New York Yankees
Columbia Reds Herb Harlow Outfielder Visalia Cubs Chicago Cubs
Columbia Reds Leo Shoals 1st Baseman Reidsville Luckies Reidsville
Columbus Cardinals Ted Beck Pitcher Lafayette Bulls Lafayette
Columbus Cardinals Jerry Ballard 1st Baseman Tacoma Tigers Tacoma
Columbus Cardinals Harland Coffman Pitcher Quincy Gems New York Yankees
Columbus Cardinals Harry Helmer Pitcher Norfolk Tars New York Yankees
Columbus Cardinals Conrad Mackel Pitcher Knoxville Smokies New York Giants
Jacksonville Tars Wiley Williams Outfielder Asheville Tourists Brooklyn Dodgers
Macon Peaches Isaac Palmer Catcher Clovis Pioneers Clovis
Macon Peaches Harold Summers Outfielder Meridian Millers Meridian
Savannah Indians Walter Sierotko Catcher Anniston Rams Anniston
Savannah Indians Richard Jok Outfielder Knoxville Smokies New York Giants
Savannah Indians J.W. Spruill 3rd Baseman Montgomery Rebels Montgomery
Denver Bears John Werner Catcher Wilmington Blue Rocks Philadelphia Phillies
Denver Bears Frank Stewart Pitcher Danville Dodgers Brooklyn Dodgers
Lincoln A's Martin Powers Catcher Peekskill Highlanders Peekskill
Lincoln A's Jack Malloy Pitcher Decatur Cubs Chicago Cubs
Lincoln A's Bob Day Catcher Quincy Gems New York Yankees
Omaha Cardinals Ben Downs Outfielder Aberdeen Pheasants St. Louis Browns
Omaha Cardinals John Andrews Outfielder Martinsville A's Philadelphia A's
Omaha Cardinals Bobby Joe Galey Pitcher Pensacola Fliers Pensacola
Pueblo Dodgers William Creech Pitcher Harrisburg Senators Cleveland Indians
Pueblo Dodgers Robert Caldwell 3rd Baseman Knoxville Smokies New York Giants
Pueblo Dodgers Arthur Fabbro Pitcher Norfolk Tars New York Yankees
Pueblo Dodgers Ashton Heckel 3rd Baseman Lynchburg Cardinals St. Louis Cardinals
Pueblo Dodgers Richard Small 1st Baseman Terre Haute Phillies Philadelphia Phillies
Des Moines Bruins Edward Sterger Shortstop Asheville Tourists Brooklyn Dodgers
Sioux City Soos Charlie Bishop Pitcher St. Louis Cardinals

Rule V Draft B Selections[edit]

Selecting team Player Position Team Organization
Austin Pioneers Rocco Cardinale Catcher Stockton Ports Chicago White Sox
Austin Pioneers Stanley Bartkowski Outfielder Paris Panthers Paris
Austin Pioneers Edward Santulli Pitcher Hutchinson Elks Hutchinson
Austin Pioneers Lester Mulcahy Catcher Albuquerque Dukes Albuquerque
Austin Pioneers Harry Bartolomei 3rd Baseman Las Vegas Wranglers Las Vegas
Austin Pioneers Manuel Echeverria Pitcher Mexicali Aguilas Mexicali
Gainesville Owls Stuart Williams OF/1B Ballinger Cats Ballinger
Gainesville Owls Paul Halter 3rd Baseman Amarillo Gold Sox Amarillo
Gainesville Owls Hugh King Pitcher Borger Gassers Borger
Gainesville Owls Eulis Rosson Pitcher Lamesa Lobos Lamesa
Greenville Majors Charles Courtier Pitcher Lafayette Bulls Lafayette
Greenville Majors Charles Mink Pitcher Natchez Indians Natchez
Greenville Majors Cliff McClain Outfielder Albuquerque Dukes Albuquerque
Greenville Majors Richard Gentzkow Outfielder Amarillo Gold Sox Amarillo
Greenville Majors Stan Goletz P/1B Bryan Bombers Bryan
Temple Eagles Leonard Attyd 3rd Baseman Albuquerque Dukes Albuquerque
Temple Eagles Ed Zeidler Pitcher Bradford Blue Wings Philadelphia Phillies
Waco Pirates Milton Lindberg Outfielder San Jose Red Sox Boston Red Sox
Wichita Falls Spudders Frank Dinyer Shortstop St. Cloud Rox New York Giants
Wichita Falls Spudders Ralph Hisey Pitcher Eastman Dodgers Eastman
Greensboro Patriots Robert Ankenhead 1st Baseman Hammond Berries Hammond
Greensboro Patriots Jerome Wallerstein Pitcher Billings Mustangs Brooklyn Dodgers
Greensboro Patriots Billy Boyette Pitcher Erie Sailors New York Giants
Reidsville Luckies Elmer Roberts Outfielder Morganton Aggies Morganton
Reidsville Luckies Robert Mangum Pitcher Goldsboro Goldbugs Goldsboro
Winston-Salem Cardinals Wilfred DesJardin Catcher Hopkinsville Hoppers Hopkinsville
Winston-Salem Cardinals Bill Greene Outfielder Eau Claire Bears Boston Braves
Miami Sun Sox Michael Bernadett Shortstop Aberdeen Pheasants St. Louis Browns
Miami Sun Sox Fred Folkes Shortstop Oneonta Red Sox Boston Red Sox
Tampa Smokers Dick Thompson Pitcher Alexander City Millers Alexander City
Tampa Smokers Edward Beach Pitcher Valley Rebels Boston Red Sox
Allentown Cardinals John Fitzgerald Pitcher Tallahassee Pirates Pittsburgh Pirates
Hagerstown Owls Donald Wiederecht Pitcher Amsterdam Rugmakers New York Yankees
Hagerstown Owls Joe Tedesco 3rd Baseman Utica Blue Sox Philadelphia Phillies
Hagerstown Owls Ray Posipanka 3rd Baseman Amsterdam Rugmakers New York Yankees
Harrisburg Senators Duane Melvin Shortstop Topeka Owls Topeka
Lancaster Red Roses Robert Lewis? Shortstop St. Joseph Cardinals St. Louis Cardinals
Lancaster Red Roses Salvatore Catalano 1st Baseman Mount Vernon Kings Mount Vernon
Sunbury Reds Jim Johnson Pitcher Cedar Rapids Rockets Cedar Rapids
Sunbury Reds Henry Parker Infielder Cambridge Dodgers Brooklyn Dodgers
Sunbury Reds Jack Littrell Infielder Oneonta Red Sox Boston Red Sox
Trenton Giants Warren Ley Pitcher Radford Rockets Radford
York White Roses Alvin Trosin Pitcher Butler Tigers Detroit Tigers
York White Roses Vernon Thies Pitcher Fargo-Moorhead Twins Fargo-Moorhead
Springfield Cubs Paul Flores Shortstop Houma Indians Houma
Nashua Dodgers Charles Segale 3rd Baseman Butler Tigers Detroit Tigers
Pawtucket Slaters Doug Harvey Outfielder Ottawa Senators Ottawa
Lynchburg Cardinals Karl Sassaman Pitcher Mahanoy City Brewers Mahanoy City
Lynchburg Cardinals Peter Karpuk Shortstop Ottawa Senators Ottawa
Newport News Dodgers Kent Pflasterer Shortstop Chanute Athletics Chanute
Newport News Dodgers Wallace Cox Outfielder Eau Claire Bears Boston Braves
Portsmouth Cubs George Cook Pitcher Sparta Saints Sparta
Portsmouth Cubs Pete Spatafore Shortstop Duluth Dukes St. Louis Cardinals
Portsmouth Cubs Lamar North Catcher Eastman Dodgers Eastman
Jackson Senators Joe Palcek Pitcher Kingsport Cherokees Kingsport
Jackson Senators Thomas Willis Catcher Aberdeen Pheasants St. Louis Browns
Pensacola Fliers Hal Kollar 1st Baseman Fort Smith Giants New York Giants
Pensacola Fliers Mike Ryan 1st Baseman Houma Indians Houma
Pensacola Fliers Shelburne Temple Shortstop Ogden Reds Cincinnati Reds
Pensacola Fliers Judson Deaton 1st Baseman Goldsboro Goldbugs Goldsboro
Selma Cloverleafs Herman Gilreath Pitcher Houma Indians Houma
Vicksburg Billies Charles Newman 1st Baseman Ventura Yankees New York Yankees
Vicksburg Billies Alex Balais Pitcher Longview Texans Longview
Danville Dodgers Edward Morgenthaler Outfielder Chanute Athletics Chanute
Danville Dodgers Gene Barth Outfielder Hamilton Cardinals St. Louis Cardinals
Davenport Pirates Irving Carlson Shortstop Butler Tigers Detroit Tigers
Evansville Braves Marlyn Burleson C/OF Ventura Yankees New York Yankees
Springfield Browns Irvin Tassin Pitcher Houma Indians Houma
Springfield Browns Bobby Balcena Outfielder Mexicali Aguilas Mexicali
Asheville Tourists Forest Samson Outfielder Easton Yankees New York Yankees
Knoxville Smokies Al Neil Outfielder Pocatello Cardinals St. Louis Cardinals
Knoxville Smokies William Wells Outfielder Hutchinson Elks Pittsburgh Pirates
Spartanburg Peaches Len Heinbigner 3rd Baseman Erie Sailors New York Giants
Spartanburg Peaches Charles Balciulis Catcher Marshall Browns St. Louis Browns
Spartanburg Peaches Fred Break? Pitcher Oneonta Red Sox Boston Red Sox
Sumter Chicks Sam Jones Pitcher Lincolnton Cardinals Lincolnton

Rule V Draft C Selections[edit]

Selecting team Player Position Team Organization
Fresno Cardinals Christ Hermedes Outfielder Andalusia Arrows Andalusia
Trois-Rivieres Royals Don Foreman Outfielder West Frankfort Cardinals St. Louis Cardinals
Kewanee A's Donald Lavigne Shortstop Wytheville Statesmen Wytheville
Kewanee A's Robert Diedrich 1st Baseman Lima Chiefs Chicago White Sox
Clarksdale Planters Leonard Pollack Pitcher Tifton Blue Sox Tifton
Monroe Sports Joe Davis Pitcher Dothan Browns Dothan
Monroe Sports Ralph Burgamy 3rd Baseman Dublin Green Sox Dublin
Natchez Indians Francis Healy Pitcher Americus Phillies Philadelphia Phillies
Gladewater Bears William Treece Pitcher Mount Airy Graniteers Mount Airy
Henderson Oilers Louis Ehlinger Outfielder Vernon Dusters Vernon
Henderson Oilers William Akins Outfielder Mount Airy Graniteers Mount Airy
Henderson Oilers Vincent Speranza Pitcher Pauls Valley Raiders Pauls Valley
Kilgore Drillers Jesse Grimes Pitcher Odessa Oilers Odessa
Tyler Trojans Melvin Neuendorff 3rd Baseman Roswell Rockets Roswell
Youngstown A's John Maglio 1st Baseman Dunn-Erwin Twins Dunn-Erwin
Eau Claire Bears Percy Hough Catcher Kingsport Cherokees Kingsport
Eau Claire Bears Andrew Bratkowitz Pitcher Bradford Blue Wings Philadelphia Phillies
Eau Claire Bears Paul Johnstown Pitcher New River Rebels New River
Ogden Reds Bruce Reynolds Outfielder Hendersonville Skylarks Hendersonville
Pocatello Cardinals Donald Ferguson Pitcher Brewton Millers Brewton
Hutchinson Elks Ralph Painter 2nd Baseman Harlan Smokies Harlan
Hutchinson Elks Robert Clark Shortstop Ozark Eagles Ozark
Hutchinson Elks Charles McCormick Catcher Harlan Smokies Harlan
Muskogee Reds Robert Radomski Pitcher Springfield Giants New York Giants
St. Joseph Cardinals Robert VanDyke Pitcher Enterprise Boll Weevils Enterprise
St. Joseph Cardinals Roland Vann Harrington 2nd Baseman High Point-Thomasville Hi-Toms Boston Braves
Topeka Owls Richard Woodard Outfielder Smithfield-Selma Leafs Smithfield-Selma
Abilene Blue Sox Charley Young Infielder Ballinger Cats Ballinger
Abilene Blue Sox Julian Pressley Outfielder Midland Indians Midland
Abilene Blue Sox Kenneth Cluley Outfielder San Angelo Colts San Angelo
Albuquerque Dukes William Haynes Pitcher Rutherford County Owls Chicago Cubs
Borger Gassers Ken Jones Catcher Midland Indians Midland
Clovis Pioneers John Schumann 2nd Baseman Rutherford County Owls Philadelphia Phillies
Lamesa Lobos Jimmy Baker Pitcher San Angelo Colts San Angelo
Lamesa Lobos Melvin King Catcher New River Rebels New River
Lamesa Lobos Israel Ten Pitcher Radford Rockets Radford
Pampa Oilers Joseph Prucha Pitcher Centralia Cubs Centralia
Pampa Oilers Donald Ricketson Infielder Vidalia-Lyons Twins Vidalia-Lyons
Pampa Oilers Loran Chafin Outfielder Eastman Dodgers Eastman

Rule V Draft Minor League Delayed Selections[edit]

Selecting team Level Player Position Team Organization
Seattle Rainiers AAA Dewey Williams Catcher Tulsa Oilers Cincinnati Reds
Pensacola Fliers B Robert Falk Shortstop Muskogee Reds St. Louis Browns
Greenville Bucks C Harold Green? Pitcher Fresno Cardinals St. Louis Cardinals
St. Joseph Cardinals C Don Wile Pitcher Madisonville Miners Chicago White Sox

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