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The Albany Senators played in several minor leagues. Based in Albany, NY, the Senators were members of the New York State League originally and won pennants in 1901, 1902 and 1907. When the New York State League ended play in 1917, Albany was without pro baseball for a couple seasons.

In 1920 they replaced the Providence Grays in the Eastern League and continued there until that incarnation of the EL collapsed in 1932, claiming titles at least twice with flags in 1927 and 1929.

On August 6, 1932 the Reading Keystones became the International League Senators as Albany made its debut in one of the top-tier minor leagues. The club overall was 71-97 under Pants Rowland.

Albany went 80-84 in its first full season in the IL, 7th in a close 8-team league. Bill McCorry managed the club, which featured future big-league star Stan Hack at third base. Hack led Albany with 83 walks and hit .299/~.396/.419 while scoring 102 times and stealing 17 bases.

The Senators improved in 1934, winning one more game, losing 12 less and advancing to 4th place and a playoff appearance. McCorry's squad was led offensively by outfielders Fred Sington (.327/~.407/.575, 123 runs, 10 triples, 29 homers, 75 walks, a league-high 147 RBI) and Jake Powell (.361/~.408/.546, 20 homers, 25 SB). Darrell "Cy" Blanton (11-8, 3.86) led the IL with 165 strikeouts in 147 innings.

Albany did horribly the next year as an affiliate of the Washington Senators. With Al Mamaux and Johnny Evers both taking a hand at the reigns, the club was 49-104, last in the IL by 12 and a half games. Dutch Lieber was 4-19 with a 5.68 ERA and lost the most games in the circuit. Taffy Wright hit .282/~.343/.434 in the outfield.

With Mamaux in charge in 1936, Albany finished last once again, going 56-98. OF Smead Jolley gave them a bright spot when he hit .373/~.441/.583 with 109 runs and 105 RBI. Jolley led the IL in doubles (52), hits (221) and batting average. Leon Pettit (9-22, 4.92) again provided the club with the IL loss leader.

In 1937 the IL franchise became the Jersey City Giants. Albany fielded a new Senators franchise in the New York-Penn League for one year, but in 1938 that circuit was renamed the Eastern League and Albany returned to a familiar-sounding circuit.

The Senators remained in the Eastern for 22 years. They finished first in 1942, 1949 and 1952 but fell in the play-offs each time before finally taking home the championship in 1954 after a third-place finish. During the 1940s they were a Pittsburgh Pirates farm club and for most of the 1950s they worked with the Boston Red Sox. They also briefly were affiliated with the Cincinnati Reds ('38-'39) and Kansas City A's ('58-'59).

Stars to appear for the team in their second Eastern League period included Rabbit Maranville (a cup of coffee in '39), Ralph Kiner (a team-high 11 homers in 1941 and a league-best 14 a year later), Ripper Collins (with the team from 1942-1945 and Minor League Player of the Year when he hit .396 in 1944), Gus Bell (in 1949 and Orie Arntzen (82-24 over 6 seasons with the team, including a 25-2 record in 1949, a year in which he was Minor League Player of the Year). The talent pool was far emptier in the 1950s - the most recognizable names on the 1954 title-winning team are Jerry Casale and Neil Chrisley.

In 1960 the Eastern League contracted from 8 teams to 6 teams and Albany was one of the eliminated franchises. It would be 23 years until minor league baseball returned to the city in the form of the 1983 Albany A's.

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Year-by-Year Record[edit]

Year League Record Finish Manager Playoffs Notes
1885 New York State League 24-20 -- Billy Arnold none Team disbanded July 28
1886 Hudson River League 0-5 -- Michael Lawlor Team disbanded May 29
1890 New York State League 39-54 6th Tom York / William Primrose none
1891 Eastern Association 72-49 2nd Joe Gerhardt none
1892 Eastern League 60-58 4th Joe Gerhardt
1893 Eastern League 54-62 5th Joe Gerhardt none
1894 New York State League 19-12 -- Billy Arnold Team disbanded July 3
1895 New York State League 6-8 -- Henry Ramsey Team disbanded May 20
1896 Eastern League 7-11 in Albany -- Al Buckenberger Toronto played in Albany July 9 - July 31
1899 New York State League 54-62 6th Charles Faatz / J.H. Haas / John Rafter none
1900 New York State League 54-62 5th William A. Smith none
1901 New York State League 72-43 1st Thomas O'Brien none League Champs
1902 New York State League 73-42 1st Thomas O'Brien none League Champs
1903 New York State League 63-60 4th Michael Doherty none
1904 New York State League 81-52 2nd Michael Doherty none
1905 New York State League 69-60 4th James Conners / Mike Doherty none
1906 New York State League 73-63 2nd Michael Doherty none
1907 New York State League 79-50 1st Michael Doherty none League Champs
1908 New York State League 67-73 6th Michael Doherty none
1909 New York State League 76-63 3rd William Clark none
1910 New York State League 70-65 5th William Clark none
1911 New York State League 70-70 4th William Clark none
1912 New York State League 62-72 6th James Tamsett none
1913 New York State League 72-67 5th James Tamsett / Ed McDonough none
1914 New York State League 61-73 5th Ed McDonough none
1915 New York State League 33-89 8th Joseph O'Rourke none
1916 New York State League 51-57 (58-70 overall) -- Hooks Wiltse none Albany moved to Reading August 21
1920 Eastern League 61-78 7th Bill McCorry none
1921 Eastern League 52-98 8th Joe Birmingham (7-30) / Paddy O'Connor (45-68) none
1922 Eastern League 69-84 7th Paddy O'Connor none
1923 Eastern League 68-84 6th William Rodgers none
1924 Eastern League 67-83 7th William Rodgers (44-59) / Bill McCorry (23-24) none
1925 Eastern League 71-82 7th Bill McCorry none
1926 Eastern League 77-75 5th Bill McCorry none
1927 Eastern League 88-65 1st Bill McCorry Lost League Finals
1928 Eastern League 81-70 3rd Bill McCorry none
1929 Eastern League 97-57 1st Bill McCorry none League Champs
1930 Eastern League 77-91 4th Bill McCorry
1931 Eastern League 62-76 7th Bill McCorry none
1932 Eastern League 47-32 2nd Bill McCorry League disbanded July 17
International League 21-31 7th Pants Rowland none Reading (50-66) moved to Albany August 6
1933 International League 80-84 7th Bill McCorry
1934 International League 81-72 4th Bill McCorry Lost in 1st round
1935 International League 49-104 8th Al Mamaux
1936 International League 56-98 8th Al Mamaux
1937 New York-Penn League 54-80 7th (t) Bill McCorry
1938 Eastern League 68-70 5th Bill McCorry
1939 Eastern League 72-67 4th Rabbit Maranville Lost League Finals
1940 Eastern League 70-70 4th Specs Toporcer
1941 Eastern League 66-73 6th Specs Toporcer
1942 Eastern League 84-56 1st Ripper Collins Lost in 1st round
1943 Eastern League 74-65 5th Ripper Collins
1944 Eastern League 91-47 2nd Ripper Collins Lost in 1st round
1945 Eastern League 79-61 3rd Ripper Collins League Champs
1946 Eastern League 78-62 2nd Ripper Collins Lost in 1st round
1947 Eastern League 80-58 2nd Pinky May Lost League Finals
1948 Eastern League 86-54 2nd Pinky May Lost League Finals
1949 Eastern League 93-47 1st Pinky May Lost in 1st round
1950 Eastern League 66-73 4th Pinky May Lost in 1st round
1951 Eastern League 46-92 8th Pinky May
1952 Eastern League 82-54 1st Jack Burns Lost in 1st round
1953 Eastern League 78-74 4th Jack Burns (52-46) / Elmer Yoter (10-8) / Jack Burns (16-20) Lost in 1st round
1954 Eastern League 75-64 3rd Jack Burns League Champs
1955 Eastern League 53-84 8th Bert Haas
1956 Eastern League 61-77 6th Sheriff Robinson
1957 Eastern League 66-73 4th Eddie Popowski Lost League Finals
1958 Eastern League 57-70 7th Al Evans
1959 Eastern League 54-85 8th Al Evans