1947 Rule V Draft

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The major league 1947 Rule V Draft was held November 10. 29 players were drafted by major league teams at a total cost of $272,500 each. Additionally, AAA clubs selected 21 players for $99,250, AA teams took 23 players for $65,100, A clubs took 35 players for $82,500, B team chose 54 players for $51,000 and C teams picked 27 players for $18,900.

Rule V Draft Major League Selections[edit]

Selecting team Player Position Team Organization
St. Louis Browns Al Gerheauser Pitcher Montreal Royals Brooklyn Dodgers
St. Louis Browns Wesley Garvin Hamner Infielder Toronto Maple Leafs Boston Red Sox
Washington Senators Clarence Difani 3rd baseman Newark Bears New York Yankees
Washington Senators Forrest Thompson Pitcher Atlanta Crackers Atlanta
Washington Senators Leonard Okrie Catcher Nashville Vols Chicago Cubs
Chicago White Sox Raymond Fletcher Outfielder Milwaukee Brewers Boston Braves
Chicago White Sox Roman Brunswick Pitcher Houston Buffaloes St. Louis Cardinals
Chicago White Sox James Goodwin Pitcher Jersey City Giants New York Giants
Chicago White Sox Alex Danelishen Pitcher Oklahoma City Indians Cleveland Indians
Philadelphia A's Don White Outfielder San Francisco Seals San Francisco
Philadelphia A's Billy DeMars Shortstop Mobile Bears Brooklyn Dodgers
Cleveland Indians William A. Kennedy Pitcher Louisville Colonels Boston Red Sox
Cleveland Indians Leonard Ratto Shortstop Portland Beavers Portland
Boston Red Sox Johnny Ostrowski 3rd baseman Los Angeles Angels Chicago Cubs
Boston Red Sox Boris Martin Catcher Toledo Mud Hens St. Louis Browns
Boston Red Sox Al Simononis Outfielder New Orleans Pelicans Boston Red Sox
Philadelphia Phillies Walter Dubiel Pitcher Seattle Rainiers Seattle
Philadelphia Phillies John Blatnik Outfielder Baltimore Orioles Cleveland Indians
Philadelphia Phillies Grady Wilson Shortstop Rochester Red Wings St. Louis Cardinals
Pittsburgh Pirates Forrest Main Pitcher Kansas City Blues New York Yankees
Pittsburgh Pirates Max West Outfielder San Diego Padres San Diego
Pittsburgh Pirates James Kleckley Pitcher Birmingham Barons Philadelphia A's
Chicago Cubs Lloyd Lowe Shortstop Columbus Red Birds St. Louis Cardinals
Cincinnati Reds Ferrell Anderson Catcher St. Paul Saints Brooklyn Dodgers
Cincinnati Reds Ken Holcombe Pitcher Sacramento Solons Sacramento
New York Giants Jack Hallett Pitcher Indianapolis Indians Pittsburgh Pirates
Boston Braves Clint Conatser Outfielder Buffalo Bisons Detroit Tigers
Boston Braves Edward Post Pitcher Syracuse Chiefs Cincinnati Reds
St. Louis Cardinals Lawrence Miggins Outfielder Minneapolis Millers New York Giants

Rule V Draft AAA Selections[edit]

Selecting team Player Position Team Organization
Columbus Red Birds Don Thompson Outfielder Scranton Red Sox Boston Red Sox
Indianapolis Indians Jack Cassini 2nd Baseman Tulsa Oilers Chicago Cubs
Indianapolis Indians Philip Alotta Outfielder Sioux City Soos New York Giants
Louisville Colonels John Hoffman Pitcher Macon Peaches Chicago Cubs
Louisville Colonels Joseph Jones Pitcher Richmond Colts New York Giants
Milwaukee Brewers Paul Burris Catcher Greenville Spinners Brooklyn Dodgers
Milwaukee Brewers Norwood Ozark 2nd Baseman Pueblo Dodgers Brooklyn Dodgers
Minneapolis Millers William "Gene" Edwards Catcher Hartford Chiefs Boston Braves
Minneapolis Millers Phil Tomkinson Catcher Fort Worth Cats Brooklyn Dodgers
St. Paul Saints Robert Addis Outfielder Binghamton Triplets New York Yankees
Toledo Mud Hens Benjamin Gregg Outfielder Portland Pilots Philadelphia Phillies
Buffalo Bisons Manuel Hidalgo Shortstop Chattanooga Lookouts Washington Senators
Jersey City Giants William Milne Outfielder Wilkes-Barre Barons Cleveland Indians
Montreal Royals John Simmons Outfielder Augusta Tigers New York Yankees
Syracuse Chiefs Edward Lynk Outfielder Lynn Red Sox Boston Red Sox
Hollywood Stars William Sheets Catcher Quincy Gems New York Yankees
Hollywood Stars Bill Butland Pitcher Roanoke Red Sox Boston Red Sox
Hollywood Stars Egon Feuger Pitcher Jacksonville Tars New York Giants
Los Angeles Angels Dewey Adkins Pitcher Atlanta Crackers Atlanta
San Francisco Seals D.C. "Pud" Miller Pitcher Wichita Falls Spudders St. Louis Browns

Rule V Draft AA Selections[edit]

Selecting team Player Position Team Organization
Birmingham Barons Alfred Drew Outfielder Meridian Peps Cleveland Indians
Birmingham Barons Alvin Heuser Pitcher Montgomery Rebels Detroit Tigers
Birmingham Barons Conrad Juelke 3rd Baseman Waterloo White Hawks Chicago White Sox
Birmingham Barons Kenneth Rogers Pitcher Norfolk Tars New York Yankees
Birmingham Barons Lawrence M. Gast Pitcher Montgomery Rebels Detroit Tigers
Birmingham Barons Melvin Nee Pitcher Pensacola Fliers Pensacola
Birmingham Barons Robert Sprentall Outfielder Troy Trojans Detroit Tigers
Little Rock Travelers John Grice Outfielder Thomasville Tigers Detroit Tigers
Memphis Chicks Raymond Burnett Pitcher Portland Pilots Philadelphia Phillies
Mobile Bears Peter Wojciechowski Pitcher Waterloo White Hawks Chicago White Sox
Nashville Vols Lee Peterson Pitcher Columbus Cardinals St. Louis Cardinals
Dallas Rebels Paul Bruno 1st Baseman Hammond Berries Hammond
Houston Buffaloes James Bryant Catcher Pensacola Fliers Pensacola
Houston Buffaloes James Turner Catcher Wilmington Blue Rocks Philadelphia Phillies
Houston Buffaloes William Hardin Shortstop Richmond Colts New York Giants
Oklahoma City Indians William Cloude 3rd Baseman Omaha Cardinals St. Louis Cardinals
Shreveport Sports Robert Ludwig 3rd Baseman Davenport Cubs Chicago Cubs
Tulsa Oilers Alfred Boresh Pitcher Pawtucket Slaters Boston Braves
Tulsa Oilers Carlton Nebel Catcher Austin Pioneers Austin
Tulsa Oilers Dave Jolly Pitcher Springfield Browns St. Louis Browns
Tulsa Oilers Edward Wiltsee Outfielder Des Moines Bruins Chicago Cubs
Tulsa Oilers Milton Schroeppel Shortstop Wichita Falls Spudders St. Louis Browns
Tulsa Oilers Ralph Davis Outfielder Richmond Colts New York Giants

Rule V Draft A Selections[edit]

Selecting team Player Position Team Organization
Albany Senators Rolland Leveille Catcher Nashua Dodgers Brooklyn Dodgers
Albany Senators P.E. Cabaniss 2nd Baseman Fayetteville Cubs Chicago Cubs
Albany Senators Inman Chambers Pitcher Pensacola Fliers Pensacola
Albany Senators Benjamin Samsel Pitcher Lancaster Red Roses Philadelphia A's
Binghamton Triplets Jim Shirley Outfielder Lynn Red Sox Boston Red Sox
Hartford Chiefs Henry Ertman 1st Baseman Waterloo White Hawks Chicago White Sox
Hartford Chiefs Joseph Linskey Pitcher Asheville Tourists Brooklyn Dodgers
Hartford Chiefs Anthony Pirrello 3rd Baseman Springfield Browns St. Louis Browns
Scranton Red Sox Donald J. Murray Pitcher Quincy Gems New York Yankees
Wilkes-Barre Barons Charles Chlan Catcher Danville Dodgers Brooklyn Dodgers
Wilkes-Barre Barons Leonard Cross 3rd Baseman Pensacola Fliers Pensacola
Wilkes-Barre Barons Robert Eisenach Pitcher Eau Claire Bears Boston Braves
Wilkes-Barre Barons Edwin Palmer Outfielder Greenville Majors Greenville
Wilkes-Barre Barons B.F. Westerkamp Catcher Rockford Rox Cincinnati Reds
Wilkes-Barre Barons Chris Sidaris Shortstop Texarkana Bears Texarkana
Charleston Rebels James Parton Pitcher Asheville Tourists Brooklyn Dodgers
Columbia Reds Harold Eoff Pitcher Pensacola Fliers Pensacola
Columbia Reds Frank Smith 3rd Baseman Fayetteville Cubs Chicago Cubs
Columbia Reds Percy Riggan Catcher Fayetteville Cubs Chicago Cubs
Columbus Cardinals Raymond Faust Pitcher Norfolk Tars New York Yankees
Columbus Cardinals Howard Mills Pitcher Hutchinson Cubs Chicago Cubs
Jacksonville Tars Delvan Burke Pitcher Wilmington Blue Rocks Philadelphia Phillies
Jacksonville Tars Paul Geyer Pitcher Portland Pilots Portland
Jacksonville Tars Hoyt Wilhelm Pitcher Evansville Braves Boston Braves
Macon Peaches Adolph Regelsky Outfielder Quincy Gems New York Yankees
Macon Peaches Jackie Mayo Outfielder Terre Haute Phillies Philadelphia Phillies
Macon Peaches Alan Ihde Pitcher Spokane Indians Brooklyn Dodgers
Des Moines Bruins Jack Christensen Pitcher York White Roses Pittsburgh Pirates
Omaha Cardinals Richard L. West Pitcher Portland Pilots Portland
Sioux City Soos James Younger Pitcher Davenport Cubs Chicago Cubs
Sioux City Soos David Honan Pitcher Lynn Red Sox Boston Red Sox
Sioux City Soos Robert Lennon Outfielder Newport News Dodgers Brooklyn Dodgers

Rule V Draft B Selections[edit]

Selecting team Player Position Team Organization
Austin Senators William M. Jones Pitcher Lamesa Lobos Lamesa
Austin Senators Fred Gerken 1st Baseman Watertown Athletics Watertown
Greenville Majors Albert Toth Outfielder Tyler Trojans Cincinnati Reds
Greenville Majors Pat Rooney Outfielder Lubbock Hubbers Detroit Tigers
Greenville Majors Frank Mediamolle Pitcher Abbeville Athletics Abbeville
Greenville Majors Robert Cowser Outfielder Sweetwater Sports Sweetwater
Greenville Majors Al Carr Outfielder Marshall Comets Marshall
Greenville Majors Frank Martin Pitcher Longview Texans Longview
Texarkana Bears Lou Fitzgerald Shortstop Marshall Comets Marshall
Wichita Falls Spudders George Stassi Outfielder Ontario Orioles Ontario
Wichita Falls Spudders Frank Pawlick Outfielder Rockford Rox Cincinnati Reds
Allentown Cardinals William Caswell 1st Baseman Miami Beach Flamingos Miami Beach
Harrisburg Senators Harry Lockwood 1st Baseman Geneva Red Birds Geneva
Harrisburg Senators Harold Sanders Outfielder Muskogee Reds St. Louis Browns
Trenton Giants Otis Stephens Outfielder Warsaw Red Sox Warsaw
Trenton Giants Moe Cunningham Outfielder Youngstown Colts Youngstown
Trenton Giants Bob Kelly Pitcher Salisbury Pirates Pittsburgh Pirates
Trenton Giants Thomas McCall Pitcher Mooresville Moors Mooresville
Trenton Giants Charles L. Samson Outfielder Pulaski Counts Brooklyn Dodgers
Nashua Dodgers Fred Gutherz Shortstop Hannibal Pilots St. Louis Browns
Nashua Dodgers Theodore Bartz Outfielder Jamestown Falcons Detroit Tigers
Pawtucket Slaters Clarence Jaime Pitcher Ontario Orioles Ontario
Pawtucket Slaters Edward Rigillo Pitcher Bakersfield Indians Cleveland Indians
Lynchburg Cardinals William Long Outfielder Salina Blue Jays Philadelphia Phillies
Lynchburg Cardinals Edward Schanz Pitcher Burlington Indians Cleveland Indians
Lynchburg Cardinals Joseph McManus Pitcher Eau Claire Bears Boston Braves
Lynchburg Cardinals Robert Haas Pitcher Fargo-Moorhead Twins Pittsburgh Pirates
Newport News Dodgers Walter Graham Pitcher Schenectady Blue Jays Philadelphia Phillies
Newport News Dodgers Edward Nidds 1st Baseman Oneonta Red Sox Boston Red Sox
Norfolk Tars Albert Johnston Pitcher Pampa Oilers Pampa
Richmond Colts Dave Baxter 1st Baseman Raleigh Capitals Raleigh
Anniston Rams John B. Tayoan Shortstop Fargo-Moorhead Twins Pittsburgh Pirates
Pensacola Fliers Benjamin Thorpe Outfielder Gainesville G-Men Gainesville
Selma Cloverleafs Fred Bortolotti Outfielder Oneonta Red Sox Boston Red Sox
Vicksburg Billies James Gilbert 3rd Baseman Troy Trojans Detroit Tigers
Vicksburg Billies Eugene Goyeau Pitcher Marshall Comets Marshall
Danville Dodgers Andrew Alexopoulas 1st Baseman Jamestown Falcons Detroit Tigers
Davenport Cubs Bruce Johann 1st Baseman Hot Springs Bathers Chicago White Sox
Davenport Cubs Robert Lee 3rd Baseman Modesto Reds Modesto
Evansville Braves Robert Montag Outfielder Muncie Reds Cincinnati Reds
Springfield Browns Edward Albrecht Pitcher Ft. Smith Giants New York Giants
Springfield Browns Elmer Gray 2nd Baseman Greenville Bucks Greenville
Terre Haute Phillies Joseph Tesauro Butler Yankees New York Yankees
Waterloo White Hawks Harry Anderson 1st Baseman Youngstown Colts Youngstown
Waterloo White Hawks Ralph Wieczorek Pitcher Grand Forks Chiefs Grand Forks
Waterloo White Hawks Don Corcoran Outfielder Fargo-Moorhead Twins Pittsburgh Pirates
Waterloo White Hawks Charles Thompson Pitcher Alexandria Aces Alexandria
Asheville Tourists William K. Aubrey 3rd Baseman Iola Cubs Chicago Cubs
Knoxville Smokies Paul Richardville Outfielder Muskogee Reds St. Louis Browns
Knoxville Smokies William L. Lutes Outfielder Tallahassee Pirates Pittsburgh Pirates
Knoxville Smokies Joseph Nessing 3rd Baseman Sanford Spinners Sanford
Spartanburg Peaches Wayne Lynch Pitcher Greenville Bucks Greenville
Tacoma Tigers Bernard Hargadon Catcher Modesto Reds Modesto

Rule V Draft C Selections[edit]

Selecting team Player Position Team Organization
Santa Barbara Dodgers Matthew Lukasiuk 2nd Baseman Oshkosh Giants New York Giants
Amsterdam Rugmakers Martin Pollio 1st Baseman Mooresville Moors Mooresville
Rome Colonels James Curtis Balentine 1st Baseman Rocky Mount Leafs Rocky Mount
Schenectady Blue Jays Harry Makowski Pitcher Seaford Eagles New York Giants
Trois-Rivieres Royals Glen Page Pitcher Tallahassee Pirates Pittsburgh Pirates
Trois-Rivieres Royals John Schimenz Outfielder Appleton Papermakers Philadelphia Phillies
Martinsville A's George Wright Shortstop Landis Millers Landis
Winston-Salem Cardinals Charles Williams 2nd Baseman Clarksville Colts Clarksville
Burlington Indians Eurice Treece Pitcher Mt. Airy Graniteers Mt. Airy
Greenwood Dodgers Lawrence Seaman 1st Baseman Hamilton Cardinals St. Louis Cardinals
Greenwood Dodgers Eugene Starr Pitcher Dayton Indians Cleveland Indians
Hot Springs Bathers Dominic Coughlin Pitcher Richmond Roses Boston Braves
Hot Springs Bathers Carl Fuller 2nd Baseman New River Rebels New River
St. Petersburg Saints Joseph Chambers 2nd Baseman Valley Rebels Valley
St. Petersburg Saints Burel J. Nelson Pitcher Tallassee Indians Tallassee
Tampa Smokers McDonald Turner Outfielder Enterprise Boll Weevils Enterprise
Butler Yankees Sam Moir 2nd Baseman Mt. Airy Graniteers Mt. Airy
Hutchinson Cubs Robert Wiles Pitcher Bradford Blue Wings Philadelphia Phillies
Muskogee Reds Kenneth Galbraith Outfielder Bartlesville Oilers Pittsburgh Pirates
St. Joseph Cardinals John Pruett Shortstop Clarksville Colts Clarksville
Abilene Blue Sox Donald Reidle 1st Baseman Appleton Papermakers Philadelphia Phillies
Lubbock Hubbers Isic Secrest Catcher Hopkinsville Hoppers Hopkinsville
Lubbock Hubbers Daniel Seiler 3rd Baseman Houma Indians Houma
Pampa Oilers Avon Driggers Pitcher Palatka Azaleas Palatka

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