1952 Rule V Draft

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The major league 1952 Rule V Draft was held December 1 in Phoenix, AZ, while the minor league phase was held December 2-3 in the same city for the first time. 128 players total were drafted by the major and minor league clubs. 11 players were drafted by major league teams at a cost of $120,000, while minor league teams selected 117 players at a cost of $327,100.

Elroy Face was the first selection in the major league draft. The Pittsburgh Pirates, who had selected Face, were the only team to make more than one selection, and only 9 of the 16 teams made a selection.

The Wichita Falls Spudders, run by Bobby Goff, were the biggest bidders in the minor league phase, selecting 12 players at an outlay of $12,600.

Rule V Draft Major league Selections[edit]

Selecting team Player Position Team Organization
Boston Red Sox John Merson 2nd baseman Hollywood Stars Pittsburgh Pirates
Chicago White Sox none -- -- --
Cleveland Indians none -- -- --
Detroit Tigers Johnny Bucha Catcher Rochester Red Wings St. Louis Cardinals
New York Yankees none -- -- --
Philadelphia A's Edward Monahan Pitcher Minneapolis Millers New York Giants
St. Louis Browns George Freese 3rd baseman Mobile Bears Brooklyn Dodgers
Washington Senators Leslie Peden Catcher Los Angeles Angels Chicago Cubs
Boston Braves Dave Jolly Pitcher Kansas City Blues New York Yankees
Brooklyn Dodgers none -- -- --
Chicago Cubs James Willis Pitcher Shreveport Sports Shreveport
Cincinnati Reds Frank Baldwin Pitcher St. Paul Saints Brooklyn Dodgers
New York Giants none -- -- --
Philadelphia Phillies none -- -- --
Pittsburgh Pirates Elroy Face Pitcher Montreal Royals Brooklyn Dodgers
Pittsburgh Pirates John Hetki Pitcher Toronto Maple Leafs St. Louis Browns
Pittsburgh Pirates Bob Hall Pitcher Seattle Rainiers Seattle
St. Louis Cardinals none -- -- --

Rule V Draft Open class Selections[edit]

Selecting team Player Position Team Organization
Los Angeles Angels Dick Smith Outfielder Denver Bears Pittsburgh Pirates
Los Angeles Angels Joe Stanka Pitcher Pueblo Dodgers Brooklyn Dodgers
Seattle Rainiers Joseph Torpey 2nd baseman Fort Worth Cats Brooklyn Dodgers
Seattle Rainiers Carlos Pascual Pitcher Havana Cubans Washington Senators

Rule V Draft AAA Selections[edit]

Selecting team Player Position Team Organization
Charleston Senators James Dawson Pitcher Lancaster Red Roses Brooklyn Dodgers
Columbus Red Birds Elmer Westfall Outfielder Tulsa Oilers Cincinnati Reds
Columbus Red Birds James Ensley Pitcher Miami Beach Flamingos Miami Beach
St. Paul Saints Don Bessent Pitcher Binghamton Triplets New York Yankees
Buffalo Bisons Buddy Hicks Shortstop Atlanta Crackers Boston Braves
Montreal Royals Ernest Yelen Catcher Nashville Vols New York Giants
Ottawa A's Dick Greco Outfielder Jacksonville Tars New York Giants
Ottawa A's Hooks Iott Pitcher Memphis Chicks Chicago White Sox
Rochester Red Wings Harry Scherting Outfielder Dallas Eagles Cleveland Indians
Rochester Red Wings Bob Hyatt 3rd baseman New Orleans Pelicans Pittsburgh Pirates

Rule V Draft AA Selections[edit]

Selecting team Player Position Team Organization
Atlanta Crackers Mike Forline Pitcher Reidsville Luckies Reidsville
Birmingham Barons Robert Kerce Pitcher Lynchburg Cardinals St. Louis Cardinals
Little Rock Travelers Bill Glendenning Pitcher Schenectady Blue Jays Philadelphia Phillies
Memphis Chicks Gerald Sheehan Outfielder Cedar Rapids Indians Cleveland Indians
Mobile Bears Richard Cordell Outfielder Columbus Cardinals St. Louis Cardinals
Beaumont Roughnecks Don Swartz Pitcher Lynchburg Cardinals St. Louis Cardinals
Beaumont Roughnecks Ronald Curnan Catcher Columbus Cardinals St. Louis Cardinals
Beaumont Roughnecks James Williams 3rd baseman Miami Beach Flamingos Miami Beach
Fort Worth Cats Walter Fassler Shortstop Columbus Cardinals St. Louis Cardinals
Houston Buffaloes Virgil Wallace 1st baseman Corpus Christi Aces Corpus Christi
Shreveport Sports James Ackers Outfielder Artesia Drillers Artesia
Shreveport Sports Evans Hugh Blanton Pitcher Crowley Millers Crowley

Rule V Draft A Selections[edit]

Selecting team Player Position Team Organization
Elmira Pioneers Walter Bryja Pitcher Danville Leafs Washington Senators
Reading Indians Kenneth Whitehead Shortstop Knoxville Smokies New York Giants
Reading Indians Bob Moscrey 2nd baseman Lynchburg Cardinals St. Louis Cardinals
Schenectady Blue Jays Phillip Gilbert Pitcher Eastman Dodgers Eastman
Columbia Reds Dick Mills Pitcher Cordele A's Philadelphia A's
Columbus Cardinals Fred Desouza 3rd baseman Tampa Smokers Tampa
Columbus Cardinals Lee Carey Infielder Lancaster Red Roses Lancaster
Columbus Cardinals Tony Sarmiento Pitcher Tifton Blue Sox Tifton
Macon Peaches Pete Spasoff Pitcher Durham Bulls Detroit Tigers
Montgomery Grays William Lynn Outfielder Alexandria Aces Alexandria
Savannah Indians Bill McCloskey Shortstop Laredo Apaches Laredo
Savannah Indians Jack Mitchell Outfielder Greensboro Patriots Chicago Cubs
Colorado Springs Sky Sox Frank Murray Pitcher Newport News Dodgers Brooklyn Dodgers
Denver Bears Earl Hochstatter Outfielder Austin Pioneers Austin
Denver Bears Gus Colagerakis Outfielder Terre Haute Phillies Philadelphia Phillies
Denver Bears Edward Smrekar Pitcher Terre Haute Phillies Philadelphia Phillies
Des Moines Bruins George Large Shortstop Miami Sun Sox Brooklyn Dodgers
Des Moines Bruins Septine Baron Infielder Tyler East Texans Tyler
Omaha Cardinals William Hinson Catcher Albuquerque Dukes Albuquerque
Omaha Cardinals Joseph Pancoe Outfielder Reidsville Luckies Reidsville
Pueblo Dodgers Miguel Rodriguez Pitcher Artesia Drillers Artesia
Pueblo Dodgers Joe Frisina Shortstop Laredo Apaches Laredo
Sioux City Soos Robert Myers Shortstop Wilmington Blue Rocks Philadelphia Phillies
Sioux City Soos Leonard Vandehey Outfielder Cedar Rapids Indians Chicago Cubs
Sioux City Soos Richard Hamlin Pitcher Spartanburg Peaches Cleveland Indians
Wichita Indians Louie Letlow 1st baseman Quincy Gems New York Yankees
Wichita Indians Karol Kwak Outfielder Winston-Salem Cardinals St. Louis Cardinals
Wichita Indians Charles Buck Outfielder Paris Indians Paris
Wichita Indians Witremundo Quintana Infielder Havana Cubans Washington Senators

Rule V Draft B Selections[edit]

Selecting team Player Position Team Organization
Austin Pioneers Paul Weeks Shortstop Iola Indians Iola
Austin Pioneers John Rothenhausler Outfielder Union City Greyhounds Union City
Austin Pioneers Bill Wigle Pitcher Iola Indians Iola
Temple Eagles Hillory Stanton Pitcher Ozark Eagles Ozark
Temple Eagles John Karpinski Outfielder Houma Indians Houma
Waco Pirates Robert Murphy Outfielder Albany Cardinals St. Louis Cardinals
Waco Pirates George Simons Pitcher Aberdeen Pheasants St. Louis Browns
Wichita Falls Spudders Humberto Marti Catcher Lamesa Lobos Lamesa
Wichita Falls Spudders Silverio Rodriguez Pitcher Mexicali Eagles Mexicali
Wichita Falls Spudders William Thomason Pitcher Magic Valley Cowboys Magic Valley
Wichita Falls Spudders Jose Preciado Pitcher Billings Mustangs Pittsburgh Pirates
Wichita Falls Spudders Chris Nicolosi Pitcher Tucson Cowboys Tucson
Wichita Falls Spudders Edward Flanagan Pitcher Albuquerque Dukes Albuquerque
Wichita Falls Spudders John Miskulin Pitcher Natchez Indians Natchez
Wichita Falls Spudders Noel Oquendo Pitcher Dublin Green Sox Cincinnati Reds
Wichita Falls Spudders Isreal Ten Pitcher Midland Indians Midland
Wichita Falls Spudders Perry Roberts Pitcher DeLand Red Hats DeLand
Wichita Falls Spudders Abelardo Fleitas Outfielder Borger Gassers Borger
Wichita Falls Spudders Joe Duffield Infielder Borger Gassers Borger
Burlington-Graham Pirates John Cook Outfielder Granby Phillies Philadelphia Phillies
Burlington-Graham Pirates Florencio Rivera Pitcher Dublin Green Sox Cincinnati Reds
Fayetteville A's Joe Vilk Pitcher Iola Indians Iola
Winston-Salem Cardinals Alfred Viotto Outfielder Baton Rouge Red Sticks Baton Rouge
Havana Cubans Aureliano Patino Catcher Mount Vernon Kings Mount Vernon
St. Petersburg Saints Gene Hassell Infielder Wilson Tobs Wilson
St. Petersburg Saints Franklin Thacker Pitcher Muskogee Giants New York Giants
St. Petersburg Saints Preston Long Pitcher Wilson Tobs Wilson
St. Petersburg Saints Gene Harvey Infielder Natchez Indians Natchez
Tampa Smokers Jack Escarra Catcher Houma Indians Houma
West Palm Beach Indians Jim Moore Outfielder Crowley Millers Crowley
Corpus Christi Aces Felipe Hernandez Infielder Juarez Indios Juarez
Texas City Texans Charlie Tuttle Outfielder Alexandria Aces Alexandria
Allentown Cardinals Paul Demont Infielder St. Hyacinthe A's Philadelphia A's
Wilmington Blue Rocks Jack Hasten Outfielder Iola Indians Iola
Wilmington Blue Rocks Ralph Onnasch Catcher Muskogee Giants New York Giants
York White Roses Jerry Dodds Infielder Salt Lake City Bees Philadelphia Phillies
York White Roses Joseph Adametz Pitcher Blackwell Broncos Chicago Cubs
Lynchburg Cardinals Ed Stockton Outfielder Crowley Millers Crowley
Quincy Gems J.O. Gladden Catcher Mooresville Moors Mooresville
Terre Haute Phillies Bob Bastian Outfielder Olean Yankees New York Yankees
Waterloo White Hawks Robert Lowe Pitcher Grand Forks Chiefs Philadelphia Phillies
Anderson Rebels James Wright Shortstop Borger Gassers Borger
Anderson Rebels Art Edinger Outfielder Crowley Millers Crowley
Charlotte Hornets Henry Hampton Infielder Salisbury Pirates Salisbury
Gastonia Rockets Charles Griffith Pitcher Mooresville Moors Mooresville

Rule V Draft C Selections[edit]

Selecting team Player Position Team Organization
Santa Barbara Dodgers Luther Brinson Shortstop Waycross Bears Waycross
Santa Barbara Dodgers Dan Frazier Outfielder Dothan Browns Dothan
Greenville Bucks Joe Caputa Pitcher Janesville Cubs Chicago Cubs
Greenville Bucks Ed Garrett Pitcher Decatur Commodores Decatur
Monroe Sports James Harp Pitcher Eastman Dodgers Eastman
Monroe Sports James T. James? Outfielder Union City Greyhounds Union City
Pine Bluff Judges Roberto Gonzalez Outfielder Panama City Fliers Panama City
Alexandria Aces Jack Hall Catcher Owensboro Oilers Owensboro
Aberdeen Pheasants Floyd Hammen Infielder Janesville Cubs Chicago Cubs
St. Cloud Rox Virgil Brisson Pitcher Cordele A's Philadelphia A's
Great Falls Electrics Vernon Thomas Pitcher Mount Vernon Kings Mount Vernon
Muskogee Giants August Begemann Pitcher Marion Marauders Marion
Abilene Blue Sox William Pitcher Pitcher Fulton Lookouts Washington Senators
Abilene Blue Sox Nelson Grant Pitcher Wilson Tobs Wilson
Abilene Blue Sox Perry Haddock Pitcher Shawnee Hawks Shawnee
Abilene Blue Sox Harold Hoffman Pitcher Iola Indians Iola

Rule V Draft Delayed Selections[edit]

Selecting team Player Position Team Organization
Terre Haute Phillies Alex Sirota Catcher Visalia Cubs Chicago Cubs

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