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Team History[edit]

The Indios de Ciudad Juarez, also know as the Indios de Juarez, have played in various leagues between 1946 and 1984, when the last Mexican League team to play in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua left town. The team won the Arizona-Texas League championship in 1952 and reached the Mexican League finals in 1979. That team was the first of a string of excellent teams representing the northern Mexican city: the 1980 edition finished second in the special season put on by a few teams after the Liga's regular season was stopped by a strike. The Indios then won the League Championship in 1982 and were runner-ups in both 1983 and 1984. However, that was also the last year that Ciudad Juarez has hosted a team.

In 1953, the first year Ciudad Juarez played in the Mexican League, a second team also called the Indios played in the Arizona-Texas League. Obviously, the town was not big enough for the both of 'em, and the Mexican League entry folded in mid-season. The next Mexican League team only came to town in 1973.

Year-by-Year Record[edit]

Year Record Finish Manager Playoffs Notes
1946 23-21 1st (t) Guillermo Ornelas League folded on May 27
1947 41-20 1st Manuel Fortes Team disbanded on June 21
and replaced by Mesa Orphans June 22
1948 74-66 4th Manuel Fortes / Fernando Barradas / Manuel Fortes Lost League Finals
1949 92-58 2nd Hector Leal / Victor Canales Lost in 1st round
1950 93-55 1st Syd Cohen Lost in 1st round
1951 87-57 2nd Victor Canales
1952 84-55 1st Manuel Fortes none League Champs
1953 74-65 3rd Manuel Fortes / Victor Canales none Arizona-Texas League
1953 28-32 4th none Mexican League
Folded in mid-season
1954 55-85 8th Enrique Fernandez
1956 48-52 3rd Manuel Fortes / Syd Cohen none
1957 49-51 4th Syd Cohen / Jesus Diaz none
1958 55-64 5th Epitacio Torres / Barney Serrell
/ Pedro Ramirez
1973 55-78 13th Cananea Reyes
1974 60-78 13th Minnie Mendoza
1975 58-80 14th Minnie Mendoza
1976 74-61 3rd Zacatillo Guerrero Lost in 2nd round
1977 81-70 6th Zacatillo Guerrero
1978 69-84 11th Zacatillo Guerrero
1979 80-53 3rd Zacatillo Guerrero Lost League Finals
1980 57-37 3rd Zacatillo Guerrero none season ended by player strike
22-15 2nd Zacatillo Guerrero none supplemental season
1981 71-57 6th Zacatillo Guerrero Lost in 1st round
1982 73-55 4th Zacatillo Guerrero League Champs
1983 62-54 5th Zacatillo Guerrero Lost League Finals
1984 57-55 8th Zacatillo Guerrero Lost League Finals

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