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Team History[edit]

The Stockton Ports, of the Single-A California League and briefly in Low-A West, claim 19th-century Stockton, CA, baseball inspired Casey at the Bat. The Oakland Athletics farmhands play their home games at Stockton Ballpark in Stockton, CA - which the team calls Banner Island Ballpark.

Dating back to the 1941 league founding, three different franchises have played in Stockton with the vast majority of their seasons played as the Ports. Together, these clubs have collected 11 Cali League championships and 12 other appearances in the championship series.

Casey author Ernest Thayer never disclosed what location inspired Mudville and reportedly confided to a colleague before his death that the poem had "no basis in fact".[1]

Holliston, MA, also claims the honor - pointing out that Thayer was born in Boston, MA, and reared in Worcester, MA, and that his family owned a business in Holliston.

Stockton relies on the fact that Casey was written and published while Thayer was writing for The Daily Examiner of San Francisco in 1888 - in fact, his last article for that paper - and that year appears in the piece's subhead.[2] This would at least suggest he was writing from more recent experience than long-ago childhood memories.

Complicating any resolution, both cities had neighborhoods called Mudville that predate the poem's publication. The franchise took the Casey idea onto the field during the 2000 and 2001 seasons by playing as the Mudville Nine.

MLB's 2021 Minor League Reorganization lowered the Ports, and most of the California League, one level.

A Ports cap was among five Cali League ones that became clues to solving a murder in TV's Life (2007-2009).

The Ports play Copa de la Diversión Hispanic engagement campaign games as Caballos de Stockton (Stockton Horses).

Year-by-Year Record[edit]

Year Record Finish Manager Playoffs
1946 78-52 1st Tony Governor / Harry Goorabian League Champs
1947 95-45 1st Johnny Babich League Champs
1948 72-68 4th Vince DiMaggio Lost League Finals
1949 64-76 6th Nino Bongiovanni
1950 79-61 3rd Harry Clements Lost League Finals
1951 79-68 3rd Harry Clements Lost in 1st round
1952 59-81 7th Harry Clements / Tony Freitas
1953 72-68 4th Bill Salkeld Lost League Finals
1954 80-60 3rd Gene Handley Lost in 1st round
1955 94-53 3rd Roy Partee Lost League Finals
1956 83-57 2nd Roy Partee Lost League Finals
1957 61-79 7th Roy Partee
1958 70-68 3rd Don Pries Lost in 1st round
1959 76-63 3rd Billy DeMars
1960 66-74 4th Billy DeMars none
1961 54-81 6th Harry Dunlop none
1962 70-68 3rd Harry Dunlop
1963 87-52 1st Harry Dunlop League Champs
1964 69-70 4th Harry Dunlop none
1965 83-57 1st Harry Malmberg League Champs
1966 57-83 8th Harry Malmberg
1967 58-81 7th Harry Malmberg
1968 67-73 6th Joe Altobelli
1969 81-59 1st Bill Werle League Champs
1970 54-86 7th Bill Werle none
1971 67-71 5th Ray Malgradi
1972 52-85 7th Mike Stubbins
Year Record Finish Manager Playoffs Hitting coach Pitching coach Coach
1979 73-68 4th Lee Sigman Lost League Finals
1980 90-51 1st Tony Muser League Champs
1981 68-71 4th Duane Espy Lost in 1st round
1982 81-57 2nd Duane Espy
1983 79-58 2nd Terry Bevington Lost in 1st round Curt Watanabe
1985 82-63 3rd Tom Gamboa Lost League Finals
1986 83-59 2nd Dave Machemer League Champs Rob Derksen
1987 94-48 1st Dave Machemer Lost in 1st round Rob Derksen
1988 94-49 1st Dave Huppert Lost League Finals Rob Derksen
1989 89-53 1st Dave Huppert Lost League Finals Rob Derksen
1990 82-59 2nd Chris Bando League Champs Mitch Zwolensky
1991 71-65 4th Chris Bando Lost League Finals Mitch Zwolensky
1992 83-53 1st Tim Ireland League Champs Mark Littell
1993 79-57 2nd (t) Lamar Johnson Lost in 1st round Mick Kelleher Mark Littell
1994 54-82 8th Lamar Johnson Fred Patek Mark Littell
1995 74-65 5th Bob Mariano Lost in 1st round
1996 79-61 3rd Greg Mahlberg Lost in 2nd round Theron Todd Randy St. Claire
1997 70-70 6th Greg Mahlberg Lost in 1st round Theron Todd Randy St. Claire
1998 66-74 7th (t) Bernie Moncallo John Mallee Saul Soltero
1999 57-83 9th Bernie Moncallo (10-19) / Carlos Ponce (47-64) Carlos Ponce Randy Kramer
2002 89-51 1st Jayhawk Owens League Champs Jamie Dismuke Bill Moloney
2003 77-63 3rd Arnie Beyeler Lost League Finals Joe Ayrault Fred Dabney
2004 72-68 5th Arnie Beyeler Lost in 1st round Andy Hawkins
2005 78-62 2nd Todd Steverson Lost in 1st round Darren Bush Scott Emerson
2006 69-71 6th Todd Steverson Lost in 1st round Darren Bush Scott Emerson
2007 64-76 8th Darren Bush Tim Garland Garvin Alston
2008 76-64 2nd (t) Darren Bush League Champs Tim Garland Garvin Alston
2009 61-79 7th (t) Aaron Nieckula Tim Garland Don Schulze
2010 74-66 5th Steve Scarsone Lost in 1st round Tim Garland Don Schulze
2011 75-65 3rd Webster Garrison Lost League Finals Brian McArn Craig Lefferts
2012 56-84 10th Webster Garrison Brian McArn Craig Lefferts
2013 69-71 5th (t) Webster Garrison Haas Pratt Jimmy Escalante
2014 85-55 1st Ryan Christenson Lost in 1st round Brian McArn John Wasdin
2015 74-66 5th Rick Magnante Lost in 1st round Brian McArn Rick Rodriguez
2016 60-80 8th (t) Rick Magnante Tommy Everidge Steve Connelly
2017 71-69 4th Rick Magnante Lost in 1st round Tommy Everidge Steve Connelly
2018 77-63 2nd Rick Magnante Lost in 1st round Brian McArn Bryan Corey Craig Conklin
2019 60-78 7th Webster Garrison Brian McArn Chris Smith Javier Godard
2020 Season cancelled
2021 42-75 7th Rico Brogna Francisco Santana Chris Smith Craig Conklin
2022 45-87 7th (t) Franklin Font Kevin Kouzmanoff Bryan Corey Cooper Goldby
2023 50-82 7th (t) Gregorio Petit Kevin Kouzmanoff Gabriel Ozuna Ruben Escalera
2024 Javier Godard Ron Witmeyer Gabriel Ozuna

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