Buffalo, NY

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Buffalo is located in western New York state, on the shores of Lake Erie and the Niagara River, across which lies Canada; it is 75 miles southwest of Rochester, NY and is the seat or Erie County, NY.

Buffalo hosted a team in the early days of the National League, then in the Players League and in the Federal League, but has largely been one of the most successful AAA host cities from 1902 to 1970 and since 1988. The gap in the 1970s was the result of urban decay which made the area around its old ballpark unsafe for spectators. It was a candidate for expansion in the late 20th century, but lost out to faster-growing cities in the southern and western U.S. In 2020, its ballpark became the temporary home of the Toronto Blue Jays, a function it assumed again for part of the 2021 season.

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