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Team History[edit]


The Vancouver Canadians played in the Pacific Coast League from 1978 until 1999. That year, in their final year, they won the Triple-A World Series. After that season, the club was moved to California and became the Sacramento River Cats. After they left, a team in the Northwest League (formerly the Southern Oregon Timberjacks) began play with the same name. Both teams called Nat Bailey Stadium home.

Year-by-Year Record[edit]

Year Record Finish Manager Playoffs Hitting coach Pitching coach Coach
1978 74-65 4th Jim Marshall
1979 79-68 3rd John Felske Lost in 1st round Butch Hughes
1980 79-60 3rd Bob Didier Lost in 1st round
1981 56-76 8th Lee Sigman
1982 72-72 6th Dick Phillips Eli Grba
1983 60-80 9th Dick Phillips (31-39) / Tony Muser (29-41) Eli Grba
1984 71-71 4th Tony Muser Don Rowe
1985 79-64 3rd Tom Trebelhorn League Champs Mike Paul
1986 85-53 1st Terry Bevington Lost League Finals Mike Paul
1987 72-72 6th Rocky Bridges Jackie Brown
1988 85-57 2nd Terry Bevington Lost League Finals Ron Jackson Eli Grba
1989 73-69 5th Marv Foley League Champs Cal Emery Moe Drabowsky
1990 74-67 5th Marv Foley Roger LaFrancois Moe Drabowsky
1991 49-86 10th Marv Foley (24-39) / Moe Drabowsky (0-3) /
Doug Mansolino (3-1) / Rick Renick (22-43)
Roger LaFrancois Moe Drabowsky
1992 81-61 3rd Rick Renick Lost League Finals Roger LaFrancois Rick Peterson
1993 72-68 3rd Max Oliveras Lenn Sakata Gary Ruby
1994 77-65 3rd Don Long Lost League Finals Lenn Sakata Gary Ruby
1995 81-60 2nd Don Long Lost in 1st round
1996 68-70 5th Don Long John Morris Frank Reberger
1997 75-68 5th Bruce Hines Lost in 1st round Leon Durham Howie Gershberg
1998 53-90 16th Mitch Seoane Leon Durham Greg Minton
1999 84-58 1st Mike Quade League Champs
AAA World Series Champs
Roy White Pete Richert
2000 39-37 4th Dave Joppie Billy Owens Jim Coffman
2001 37-39 4th Webster Garrison Billy Owens Jim Coffman
2002 37-39 6th Orv Franchuk Gordon Gerlach Michael Kelly
2003 35-41 5th Dennis Rogers Juan Dilone Ed Vosberg
2004 42-34 1st (t) Dennis Rogers Lost League Finals Craig Lefferts
2005 46-30 1st Juan Navarette Lost League Finals Craig Lefferts
2006 39-37 4th Rick Magnante Craig Lefferts
2007 37-38 2nd Rick Magnante Chris Pritchett Jimmy Escalante
2008 34-42 6th Rick Magnante Jimmy Escalante
2009 36-40 5th Rick Magnante Casey Myers Craig Lefferts
2010 42-34 4th Rick Magnante Lost in 1st round Casey Myers Craig Lefferts
2011 39-37 3rd John Schneider League Champs Dave Pano Jim Czajkowski
2012 46-30 2nd (t) Clayton McCullough League Champs Dave Pano Jim Czajkowski
2013 39-37 4th Clayton McCullough League Champs Dave Pano Jim Czajkowski
2014 46-30 2nd John Schneider Lost League Finals Dave Pano Jeff Ware
2015 34-42 6th(t) John Schneider Dave Pano Jim Czajkowski
2016 29-45 8th John Tamargo Jr. Dave Pano Willie Collazo
2017 34-33 1st Rich Miller League Champs Dave Pano Jim Czajkowski
2018 40-36 2nd Dallas McPherson Aaron Mathews Jim Czajkowski Jose Mayorga
2019 30-46 7th Casey Candaele Aaron Mathews Demetre Kokoris Daniel Canellas
2020 Season cancelled
2021 Donnie Murphy Ryan Wright Phil Cundari Daniel Canellas, Taylor Hill

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