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The Expansion of the National League in 1993 began on August 8, 1985 when the players and the owners agreed to a new collective bargaining agreement. The basic agreement, the name for baseball's CBA, allowed the National League to expand by two members to match the number of teams in the American League since the expansion of 1977.

Ten cities were considered serious candidates for the two spots: Buffalo, NY, Charlotte, NC, Denver, CO, Miami, FL, Nashville, TN, Orlando, FL, Phoenix, AZ, Sacramento, CA, Tampa, FL-St. Petersburg, FL, and Washington, DC. On December 18, 1990 the National League expansion committee, led by Pittsburgh Pirates Chairman Doug Danforth, eliminated four cities (Charlotte, Nashville, Phoenix and Sacramento) to cut the list down to the six finalists. With three sites from Florida remaining in contention, it became apparent that one would win out while the other spot would go to a non-Florida team.

On June 10, 1991, the expansion committee accepted the bids of the Miami and Denver groups, thus the Florida Marlins and Colorado Rockies were born.

Expansion Draft[edit]

On November 17, 1992, an expansion draft was held. It was the first time that teams from both leagues were required to make players available for the draft - all other previous expansion drafts had been conducted exclusively within one league. The Rockies picked Atlanta Braves pitcher David Nied with their first pick. The Marlins took Toronto Blue Jays outfielder Nigel Wilson as their first selection. Other notable selections included Vinny Castilla, Joe Girardi and Brad Ausmus for Colorado and Jeff Conine, Trevor Hoffman and Carl Everett for Florida.

1st Round

Colorado Rockies Florida Marlins
Pick Player Position Team Player Position Team
1st David Nied RHP Braves Nigel Wilson OF Blue Jays
2nd Charlie Hayes 3B Yankees Jose Martinez RHP Mets
3rd Darren Holmes RHP Brewers Bret Barberie SS Expos
4th Jerald Clark OF Padres Trevor Hoffman RHP Reds
5th Kevin Reimer OF Rangers Pat Rapp RHP Giants
6th Eric Young 2B Dodgers Greg Hibbard LHP White Sox
7th Jody Reed 2B Red Sox Chuck Carr OF Cardinals
8th Scott Aldred LHP Tigers Darrell Whitmore OF Indians
9th Alex Cole OF Pirates Eric Helfand C A’s
10th Joe Girardi C Cubs Bryan Harvey RHP Angels
11th Willie Blair RHP Astros Jeff Conine 1B-OF Royals
12th Jayhawk Owens C Twins Kip Yaughn RHP Orioles
13th Andy Ashby RHP Phillies Jesus Tavarez CF Mariners

2nd Round

Colorado Rockies Florida Marlins
Pick Player Position Team Player Position Team
1st Freddie Benavides SS Reds Carl Everett OF Yankees
2nd Roberto Mejia 2B Dodgers Dave Weathers RHP Blue Jays
3rd Doug Bochtler RHP Expos John Johnstone RHP Mets
4th Lance Painter LHP Padres Ramon Martinez SS Pirates
5th Butch Henry LHP Astros Steve Decker C Giants
6th Ryan Hawblitzel RHP Cubs Cris Carpenter RHP Cardinals
7th Vinny Castilla SS Braves Jack Armstrong RHP Indians
8th Brett Merriman RHP Angels Scott Chiamparino RHP Rangers
9th Jim Tatum 3B Brewers Tom Edens RHP Twins
10th Kevin Ritz RHP Tigers Andres Berumen RHP Royals
11th Eric Wedge C Red Sox Robert Person RHP White Sox
12th Keith Shepherd RHP Phillies Jim Corsi RHP A’s
13th Calvin Jones RHP Mariners Richie Lewis RHP Orioles

3rd Round

Colorado Rockies Florida Marlins
Pick Player Position Team Player Position Team
1st Brad Ausmus C Yankees Danny Jackson LHP Pirates
2nd Marcus Moore RHP Blue Jays Bob Natal C Expos
3rd Armando Reynoso RHP Braves Jamie McAndrew RHP Dodgers
4th Steve Reed RHP Giants Junior Felix OF Angels
5th Mo Sanford RHP Reds Kerwin Moore OF Royals
6th Pedro Castellano 3B Cubs Ryan Bowen RHP Astros
7th Curtis Leskanic RHP Brewers Scott Baker LHP Cardinals
8th Scott Fredrickson RHP Padres Chris Donnels 3B Mets
9th Braulio Castillo OF Phillies Monty Fariss OF Rangers
10th Denis Boucher LHP Indians Jeff Tabaka LHP Brewers

Post Draft Deals[edit]


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