2016 South American Championship

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The 2016 South American Championship was the 7th South American Championship won by Flag of Brazil Brazil. It was held in Buenos Aires, Argentina from November 5 to November 12.

Round-Robin Summary[edit]

  • Flag of Bolivia Bolivia was 0-5 and was outscored 74-9. Brian Sossa (.333/.333/.417) and Brian Peñafiel (.250/.400/.375) were their best offensive performers. The team ERA was 18.93, with Elio Padilla (0-1) posting the lowest ERA at 10.57 (Ronald Quiroga had a 0.00 ERA and one unearned run in 1/3 of an inning).
  • Flag of Brazil Brazil swept through round one with a 71-18 run differential and a team OPS of 1072 (higher than the best Bolivian batter). Felipe Burin (.500/.650/.857, 6 RBI), Iago Januario (.500/.611/1.071, 9 RBI) and Gustavo Roque (.466/.588/.867, 9 RBI, 7 R) were among the star hitters, the latter two each having more RBI than the entire Bolivian team. Murilo Gouvea (1-0) allowed only one unearned run in six innings while Claudio Matumoto Jr. (1-0) allowed no runs in six.
  • Flag of Peru Peru was 2-3 in the first round and scored 29 while allowing 38. Susumu Yoza hit .364/.391/.591 and drove in six but made four errors, while Jin Ishihara hit .286/.375/.643. His brother Ken Ishihara was their top hurler (1-0, 3 UER in 7 IP). Diego Uezu had a 2.45 ERA.

November 11[edit]


5th/6th place game[edit]

November 12[edit]

Gold Medal Game[edit]

Bronze Medal Game[edit]


Tournaments All-Stars were as follows:

Felipe Burin of Brazil was named the Championship MVP.

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