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The results of the 2022 Hall of Fame Election were announced on January 25, 2022, with David Ortiz being elected in his first time on the ballot. Before that, on December 5th, the Veterans Committee announced the results of votes covering two separate eras, resulting in six other players gaining election: Bud Fowler, Gil Hodges, Jim Kaat, Minnie Minoso, Tony Oliva and Buck O'Neil. This was in marked contrast with 2021, when the BBWAA elected no one and the Veterans Committee had failed to meet.

BBWAA Voting[edit]

Eligible members of the Baseball Writers Association of America voted on a ballot comprising holdover candidates from the 2021 Hall of Fame Election and players who played their last major league game in 2016.

The ballot was announced on November 22nd and comprised 30 names. Only David Ortiz, who was making his first appearance, obtained the required 75% and gained election. It was the final year of eligibility for Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds (as well as Sammy Sosa) and they both fell off the ballot, having failed to change the minds of enough electors who still resented their association with the steroids scandals of the 2000s. Antother sign of this was the low vote total obtained by Alex Rodriguez in his first year of eligibility. There were at total of 394 ballots cast, with 296 votes needed for election.

Player Votes Percentage Year on the Ballot Result
David Ortiz 307 77.9 1st ELECTED
Barry Bonds 260 66.0 10th Dropped
Roger Clemens 257 65.2 10th Dropped
Scott Rolen 249 63.2 5th
Curt Schilling 231 58.6 10th Dropped
Todd Helton 205 52.0 4th
Billy Wagner 201 51.0 7th
Andruw Jones 163 41.1 5th
Gary Sheffield 160 40.6 8th
Alex Rodriguez 135 34.3 1st
Jeff Kent 129 32.7 9th
Manny Ramirez 114 28.9 6th
Omar Vizquel 94 23.9 5th
Sammy Sosa 73 18.5 10th Dropped
Andy Pettitte 42 10.7 4th
Jimmy Rollins 37 9.4 1st
Bobby Abreu 34 8.6 3rd
Mark Buehrle 23 5.8 2nd
Torii Hunter 21 5.3 2nd
Joe Nathan 17 4.3 1st Dropped
Tim Hudson 12 3.0 2nd Dropped
Tim Lincecum 9 2.3 1st Dropped
Ryan Howard 8 2.0 1st Dropped
Mark Teixeira 6 1.5 1st Dropped
Justin Morneau 5 1.3 1st Dropped
Jonathan Papelbon 5 1.3 1st Dropped
Prince Fielder 2 0.5 1st Dropped
A.J. Pierzynski 2 0.5 1st Dropped
Carl Crawford 0 0.0 1st Dropped
Jake Peavy 0 0.0 1st Dropped

Veterans Committee[edit]

The Veterans Committee examined candidates from two separate eras, Early Baseball (prior to 1950) and Golden Days (1950-1969), making up for not meeting in 2020. The results of its deliberations were made public on December 5th, during the annual Winter Meetings in Orlando, FL, while MLB was in the middle of a lockout. Each committee included 16 members and 75% of the votes were required for election, with the six successful candidates to be inducted the following summer.

The Early Baseball ballot comprised nine names, with voting results listed below. The committee consisted of Hall of Famers Bert Blyleven, Ferguson Jenkins, John Schuerholz, Ozzie Smith and Joe Torre, Major League executives Bill DeWitt, Ken Kendrick and Tony Reagins and veteran media members/historians Gary Ashwill, Adrian Burgos Jr., Leslie Heaphy, Jim Henneman, Justice B. Hill, Steve Hirdt, Rick Hummel and official MLB historian John Thorn.

Player Votes Percentage Result
Buck O'Neil 13 81.3 ELECTED
Bud Fowler 12 75.0 ELECTED
Vic Harris 10 62.5
John Donaldson 8 50.0
Allie Reynolds 6 37.5
Bill Dahlen <5 31.3
Grant "Home Run" Johnson <5 <31.3
Dick "Cannonball" Redding <5 <31.3
George "Tubby" Scales <5 <31.3

The Golden Days ballot consisted of 10 names, with voting totals detailed below. The committee included the following members: Hall of Famers Rod Carew, Fergie Jenkins, Mike Schmidt, John Schuerholz, Bud Selig, Ozzie Smith and Joe Torre; Major League executives Al Avila, Bill DeWitt, Ken Kendrick, Kim Ng and Tony Reagins; and veteran media members/historians Adrian Burgos Jr., Steve Hirdt, Jaime Jarrin and Jack O’Connell.

Player Votes Percentage Result
Minnie Minoso 14 87.5 ELECTED
Gil Hodges 12 75.0 ELECTED
Jim Kaat 12 75.0 ELECTED
Tony Oliva 12 75.0 ELECTED
Dick Allen 11 68.8
Ken Boyer <3 <18.8
Roger Maris <3 <18.8
Danny Murtaugh <3 <18.8
Billy Pierce <3 <18.8
Maury Wills <3 <18.8


The induction ceremony is scheduled took place on July 24, 2022 in Cooperstown, NY. David Ortiz was the star of the show as the only player elected by the BBWAA, but Jim Kaat and Tony Oliva, elected by the Veterans Committee were also on hand to receive the honor personally. The other inductees were represented by family members. Dominican flags were well in evidence in the crowd.

Other Awards[edit]

Jack Graney, pioneering broadcaster for the Cleveland Indians, was posthumously honored with the Ford Frick Award for broadcasting excellence; ironically, the equivalent award given out by the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame already bore his name. Tim Kurkjian of ESPN was the recipient of the parallel BBWAA Career Excellence Award.

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