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The results of the in the 2015 Hall of Fame Election were announced on January 6, 2015. Those of the Veterans Committee vote were announced on December 8, 2014 during the annual Winter Meetings. While the Veterans Committee failed to elect anyone, the BBWAA elected four players, including three in their first year of eligibility, making this one of the largest classes ever - the last class with four inductees was sixty years earlier. The players elected were Randy Johnson, Pedro Martinez and John Smoltz on their first attempt, and Craig Biggio who made it in his third year on the ballot.

BBWAA Voting[edit]

Eligible members of the Baseball Writers Association of America voted on a ballot comprising holdover candidates from the 2014 Hall of Fame Election and players who played their last major league game in 2009. Four players were elected for the first time since the 1955 Hall of Fame Election. There were 549 ballots cast, with 412 votes (75%) needed for election.

Player Votes Percentage Year on the Ballot Result
Randy Johnson 534 97.3 1st ELECTED
Pedro Martinez 500 91.1 1st ELECTED
John Smoltz 455 82.9 1st ELECTED
Craig Biggio 454 82.7 3rd ELECTED
Mike Piazza 384 69.9 3rd
Jeff Bagwell 306 55.7 5th
Tim Raines 302 55.0 8th
Curt Schilling 215 39.2 3rd
Roger Clemens 206 37.5 3rd
Barry Bonds 202 36.8 3rd
Lee Smith 166 30.2 13th
Edgar Martinez 148 27.0 6th
Alan Trammell 138 25.1 14th
Mike Mussina 135 24.6 2nd
Jeff Kent 77 14.0 2nd
Fred McGriff 71 12.9 6th
Larry Walker 65 11.8 5th
Gary Sheffield 64 11.7 1st
Mark McGwire 55 10.0 9th
Don Mattingly 50 9.1 15th Dropped
Sammy Sosa 36 6.6 3rd
Nomar Garciaparra 30 5.5 1st
Carlos Delgado 21 3.8 1st Dropped
Troy Percival 4 0.7 1st Dropped
Aaron Boone 2 0.4 1st Dropped
Tom Gordon 2 0.4 1st Dropped
Darin Erstad 1 0.2 1st Dropped
Brian Giles 0 0.0 1st Dropped
Jason Schmidt 0 0 1st Dropped
Cliff Floyd 0 0 1st Dropped
Jermaine Dye 0 0 1st Dropped
Rich Aurilia 0 0 1st Dropped
Tony Clark 0 0 1st Dropped
Eddie Guardado 0 0 1st Dropped

Veterans Committee[edit]

The Veterans Committee, consisting of 16 members, examined candidates from the "Golden Era", covering the period 1947-1972, selected by the Hall of Fame's Historical Overview Committee. Candidates were selected from a pool of managers, umpires, executives and long-retired players "whose most significant career impact was realized during the 1947-72 time period."

The ballot consisted of ten candidates, nine being considered as players and one, Bob Howsam, for his contributions as an executive. Candidates needed to be selected by 75% of committee members to be elected, or 12 of 16 ballots, but no candidate was able to clear that hurdle, as two of them, Dick Allen and Tony Oliva, came up one vote short, and another, Jim Kaat, missed by two votes. It is likely that the high quality of the candidates - with five getting 50% or more of the votes - contributed to spreading the vote and to the failure to elect anyone.

The committee was made up of 16 members: 8 Hall of Famers (Jim Bunning, Rod Carew, Pat Gillick, Fergie Jenkins, Al Kaline, Joe Morgan, Ozzie Smith and Don Sutton), 4 executives (Jim Frey, David Glass, Roland Hemond and Bob Watson), and 4 media members (Steve Hirdt, Dick Kaegel, Phil Pepe and Tracy Ringolsby).

Player Votes Percentage Result
Dick Allen 11 68.8
Tony Oliva 11 68.8
Jim Kaat 10 62.5
Maury Wills 9 56.3
Minnie Minoso 8 50.0
Ken Boyer <3 <18.8
Gil Hodges <3 <18.8
Bob Howsam <3 <18.8
Billy Pierce <3 <18.8
Luis Tiant <3 <18.8


The 2015 Hall of Fame induction ceremony took place on July 26th in Cooperstown, NY.

Other Awards[edit]

Dick Enberg, long-time voice of the California Angels and later of the San Diego Padres, and most famous for his nationally televised broadcasting work on NBC and CBS, was named the winner of the Ford C. Frick Award.

Detroit, MI sportswriter Tom Gage won the J.G. Taylor Spink Award.

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