1999 Hall of Fame Election

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In the 1999 Hall of Fame Election, 373 of 497 votes were needed for election

In what was probably the strongest class since 1939, the 1999 election had four candidates considered to be locks for election. The only question was how badly the vote would be split among Robin Yount and Carlton Fisk. Yount won election by 12 votes but Fisk fell 43 votes short in spite of his impeccable pedigree and had to wait until 2000 to be elected. four of the next five runners-up - Tony Perez, Gary Carter, Jim Rice and Bruce Sutter would also gain election in short order, confirming the strength of this particular ballot.

Interestingly, Bert Blyleven finished well down the list with only 70 votes, but he would also gain election by the BBWAA in a few years' time after a spirited campaign on his behalf largely led via the internet.

This was only the second election to feature three First Ballot Hall of Famers, after the inaugural 1939 class. This did not happen again until the back-to-back elections of 2014 and 2015.

BBWAA Voting Results[edit]

Player Votes Result
Nolan Ryan 491 Elected
George Brett 488 Elected
Robin Yount 385 Elected
Carlton Fisk 330
Tony Perez 302
Gary Carter 168
Steve Garvey 150
Jim Rice 146
Bruce Sutter 121
Jim Kaat 100
Dale Murphy 96
Tommy John 93
Dave Parker 80
Minnie Minoso 73
Bert Blyleven 70
Dave Concepcion 59
Luis Tiant 53
Keith Hernandez 34
Ron Guidry 31
Bob Boone 27
Mickey Lolich 26
Dwight Evans 18
George Bell 6
John Candelaria 1
Mike Boddicker 0
Charlie Leibrandt 0
Frank Tanana 0
Mike Witt 0

Veterans Committee[edit]

The Committee on Baseball Veterans selected four persons for induction: 1960s slugger Orlando Cepeda; umpire Nestor Chylak, 19th century manager Frank Selee; and Negro leagues pitcher Smokey Joe Williams.

Further Reading[edit]

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