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Team History[edit]

cap logo circa 2000

The Augusta GreenJackets play in the South Atlantic League and have been a San Francisco Giants affiliate since 2005. Prior to their affiliation with the Giants, they were a Boston Red Sox farm team. he team were previously named the Augusta Pirates.

The GreenJackets captured league championships in 1995, 1999 and 2008.

Since 2005, the club has been owned by Ripken Baseball, led by former big leaguers Cal Ripken, Jr. and Bill Ripken.

Year-by-Year Record[edit]

Year Record Finish Manager Playoffs Hitting coach Pitching coach Coach
1994 50-86 14th Scott Little Bruce Tanner
1995 76-62 4th Jeff Banister League Champs
1996 71-70 8th Jay Loviglio Lost in 1st round Steve Watson (interim until 5/4), Wayne Garland
1997 71-71 7th Jeff Richardson (34-37) / Scott Little (37-34) Lost in 1st round Scott Little Scott Lovekamp
1998 68-74 9th Marty Brown Lost in 2nd round Jeff Treadway Scott Lovekamp
1999 69-70 8th Billy Gardner Jr. League Champs Gomer Hodge Larry Pierson
2000 83-58 2nd Mike Boulanger Lost in 1st round Vic Rodriguez Bob Kipper
2001 74-65 7th Mike Boulanger Lost in 1st round Inocencio Guerrero Bob Kipper
2002 69-67 8th Arnie Beyeler Guadalupe Jabalera Dave Tomlin
2003 49-87 16th Russ Morman John Malzone Dave Tomlin
2004 66-73 12th Chad Epperson Ace Adams
2005 77-59 3rd Roberto Kelly Jerry Browne Ross Grimsley
2006 92-47 1st Roberto Kelly Lost League Finals Andy Skeels Ross Grimsley
2007 89-51 1st Roberto Kelly Lost in 1st round Andy Skeels Ross Grimsley
2008 88-50 1st Andy Skeels League Champs Lipso Nava Ross Grimsley
2009 76-63 3rd Dave Machemer Lipso Nava Steve Kline
2010 79-59 2nd Dave Machemer Lipso Nava Steve Kline
2011 70-68 7th Lipso Nava Lost in 1st round Nestor Rojas Steve Kline
2012 69-70 8th Lipso Nava Nestor Rojas Mike Caldwell
2013 82-55 1st Mike Goff Lost in 1st round Hector Borg Steve Kline
2014 62-76 9th Mike Goff Todd Linden / Hector Borg Steve Kline
2015 65-73 10th Nestor Rojas Todd Linden Jerry Cram Hector Borg
2016 76-63 2nd (t) Nestor Rojas Doug Clark Jerry Cram&Clay Rapada Hector Borg
2017 55-80 14th Carlos Valderrama Eddie Taubensee Clay Rapada Ydwin Villegas
2018 67-70 8th Jolbert Cabrera Thomas Neal Clay Rapada Ydwin Villegas
2019 77-61 4th Carlos Valderrama Lost in 1st round Jake Fox Clay Rapada Willie Romero CJ Picerni
2020 Season cancelled
2021 Michael Saunders Mike Bard Elvin Nina Myles Schroder

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