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The 2008 Chinese Professional Baseball League season marked a second straight Taiwan Series title for the Uni-President Lions. The season, like so many in CPBL history, was plagued by game-throwing scandals. It was the 6th such incident in 7 years. The dMedia T-Rex, an expansion team, only lasted one season due to such a scandal and the China Trust Whales folded as well due to the same scandal, dropping the league from six teams to four.

On a more positive note, Wei-Lun Pan threw a no-hitter and was an error shy of the first perfect game in the league's 19 seasons. Chin-Feng Chen set a record with 13 total bases in one game, on July 13.


  1. Uni-President Lions, 34-16 first half; 33-17 second half
  2. La New Bears, 27-19-3 first half; 33-16-1 second half
  3. Brother Elephants, 24-22-3 first half; 28-19-1 second half
  4. Chinatrust Whales, 20-30 first half; 19-31 second half
  5. dMedia T-Rex, 21-28-1 first half; 16-32 second half
  6. Sinon Bulls, 19-30-1 first half; 18-32 second half


The MVP was Mike Johnson, who took a break to pitch for Canada in the 2008 Olympics. Johnson had won 20 games, 7 more than runner-up Lou Pote and was second in the CPBL with a 2.45 ERA. He also ranked 4th in strikeouts. Yu-Cheng Liao led in ERA (2.31) and won Most Improved Player honors, while Chi-Wei Lin of the Sinon Bulls was named Rookie of the Year.

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Source: Taiwan Baseball Blog