1991 CPBL

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The 1991 Chinese Professional Baseball League was the second season for the Chinese Professional Baseball League. Chieh-Jen Yang of the Wei Chuan Dragons threw the league's first no-hitter. The Uni-President Lions won the 1991 Taiwan Series.


  1. Uni-President Lions, 21-20-4 first half; 25-14-6 second half
  2. Wei Chuan Dragons, 26-17-2 first half; 20-19-6 second half
  3. Brother Elephants, 21-23-1 first half; 17-26-2 second half
  4. Mercuries Tigers, 16-24-5 first half; 19-22-4 second half


The league only issued the Best Ten, the first time it was given out. The league would not award the MVP, Rookie of the Year and Gold Glove until 1993.

Best Ten[edit]

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