2016 CPBL

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The 2016 CPBL saw the EDA Rhinos take the Taiwan Series in their last season in the league, as the team was sold. Rookie Po-Jung Wang set league records for average, runs and hits and cruised to a MVP. Meanwhile, Hung-Yu Lin was the first player to win Best Ten honors at two positions in the same year, C and DH.


  1. Chinatrust Brother Elephants, 35-27-2 first half; 33-27 second half (Manager: Fu-Lien Wu)
  2. EDA Rhinos, 27-33 first half; 34-25-1 second half (Manager: Chun-Chang Yeh)
  3. Uni-President Lions, 29-31 first half; 26-34 second half (Manager: Tai-Yuan Kuo)
  4. Lamigo Monkeys, 27-31-2 first half; 26-33-1 second half (Manager: I-Chung Hong)


Lamigo outfielder Po-Jung Wang was the CPBL MVP and Rookie of the Year after setting league records for hits (200), runs (130) and average (.414).

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