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Team History[edit]

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The Boise Hawks operated as an independent club in their first three seasons in the Northwest League, from 1987 to 1989, then became an affiliate of the California Angels in 1990. They remained an Angels farm club for more than a decade before becoming affiliated with the [[Chicago Cubs in 2001. They originally played in a high school field until Memorial Stadium opened in 1989.

The Hawks have captured six league championships: 1991, 1993, 1994, 1995, 2002, and 2004.

As an independent team in 1989, the Boise Hawks exercised their right to draft players in the 1989 amateur draft, becoming the first minor league team to do so since 1971. Neither player drafted by Boise ( Paul Cluff and Darrell MacMillan) made the majors. MacMillan had played college ball for 1989 pitching coach Chip Reese. In 1990, the Erie Sailors (1 pick) and Miami Miracle (16 picks) followed suit, with several of the Miracle's picks eventually reaching the majors.

Boise was one of the cities to lose its affiliation in the Minor League Reorganization that followed the cancelled 2020 season. The poor condition of their home ballpark was the main reason for being dropped. Instead, they joined the Pioneer League, which had now become an independent league but was still part of the Professional Development League as a partner league.

Year-by-Year Record[edit]

Year Record Finish Manager Playoffs Hitting coach Pitching coach Coach
1987 26-50 8th Derrel Thomas (9-29) / Mal Fichman (17-21)
1988 30-46 7th Mal Fichman
1989 35-40 5th Mal Fichman
1990 53-23 1st Tom Kotchman Lost League Finals Orv Franchuk Howie Gershberg
1991 50-26 1st Tom Kotchman League Champs Orv Franchuk Howie Gershberg
1992 40-36 3rd Tom Kotchman Howie Gershberg
1993 41-35 3rd Tom Kotchman League Champs Orv Franchuk Zeke Zimmerman
1994 44-32 2nd Tom Kotchman League Champs
1995 48-27 1st Tom Kotchman League Champs Jim Bennett
1996 43-33 2nd Tom Kotchman Jim Bennett
1997 51-25 1st Tom Kotchman Lost League Finals Zeke Zimmerman Joe Urso
1998 47-29 1st (t) Tom Kotchman Lost League Finals Charlie Romero Howie Gershberg
1999 43-33 2nd Tom Kotchman
2000 41-35 1st (t) Tom Kotchman Zeke Zimmerman
2001 52-23 1st Steve McFarland Lost League Finals Tom Beyers Dave Haas
2002 49-27 1st Steve McFarland League Champs Tom Beyers Dave Haas
2003 27-49 8th Steve McFarland Tom Beyers Dave Haas
2004 42-34 1st (t) Tom Beyers League Champs Ricardo Medina
2005 34-42 6th (t) Trey Forkerway Tom Beyers David Rosario
2006 44-32 2nd Steve McFarland Lost League Finals David Rosario
2007 37-39 3rd (t) Tom Beyers Tom Pratt
2008 43-33 2nd Tom Beyers Tom Beyers Tom Pratt
2009 34-42 6th (t) Franklin Font / Casey Kopitzke David Rosario
2010 34-42 5th Jody Davis Ricardo Medina Jeff Fassero
2011 36-40 5th Mark Johnson Lost in 1st round Desi Wilson David Rosario
2012 37-39 4th Mark Johnson Lost League Finals Bill Buckner David Rosario
2013 41-35 3rd Gary Van Tol Lost League Finals Bill Buckner David Rosario
2014 41-35 3rd Gary Van Tol Lost in 1st round Jesus Feliciano Brian Lawrence
2015 30-46 8th Frank Gonzales Andy Gonzalez Doug Jones
2016 33-43 5th Andy Gonzalez Scott Little Doug Jones
2017 37-39 5th Scott Little Mike Devereaux Bob Apodaca Robinson Cancel
2018 35-41 6th (t) Scott Little Cesar Galvez Bob Apodaca
2019 27-49 8th Steve Soliz Cesar Galvez Ryan Kibler Fred Ocasio
2020 Season cancelled
Year Record Finish Manager Playoffs
2021 50-47 5th Gary Van Tol

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