2023 Amateur Draft

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The 2023 First Year Player Draft will be the fifty-ninth Major League Baseball Amateur Draft. It will be held in July 2023, as part of the 2023 All-Star Game festivities.

For the first time, the first overall pick did not go automatically to the team with the worst overall record the previous season, but was awarded in a lottery held at the winter meetings on December 6, 2022; all teams that missed the 2022 Postseason were eligible for the lottery, with the odds being proportional to each team's lack of on-field success (i.e. the Washington Nationals, Oakland Athletics and Pittsburgh Pirates, who all lost 100 or more games in 2022, had identical 16.5% odds of winning the top pick, all the way down to the Milwaukee Brewers, who missed the postseason by one game, at 0.2%). Only the top six picks were subject to the lottery, with the non-winning teams then falling in the order of their finish in 2022 to claim picks 7 to 18. This lottery was created as part of the Collective Bargaining Agreement arrived at following the 2021-2022 lockout.

The Pirates were the winners of that inaugural lottery, giving them the top pick for the second time in three drafts, having also done so in the 2021 Amateur Draft; the Nationals were awarded the second pick, and the Detroit Tigers improved from sixth to third thanks to the lottery, while the Athletics fell to sixth. Both the New York Mets and Los Angeles Dodgers exceeded the initial competitive-balance tax threshold of $230 million by more than $40 million, so their first selections dropped by 10 spots to fall outside the first round proper.

Initial evaluations of the players available for this draft noted that there was a stronger than usual college class, and that it was a direct result of the COVID-19 pandemic, that had reduced the 2020 Amateur Draft to just five rounds and significantly capped bonuses available to other players. Therefore, many high school players who would normally have turned pro in a normal year decided to go on to college, and were now eligible to be drafted.

Draft Order[edit]

First Round[edit]

Pick Team Player Position School (Type) Hometown Notes
1 Pittsburgh Pirates
2 Washington Nationals
3 Detroit Tigers
4 Texas Rangers
5 Minnesota Twins
6 Oakland Athletics
7 Cincinnati Reds
8 Kansas City Royals
9 Colorado Rockies
10 Miami Marlins
11 Los Angeles Angels
12 Arizona Diamondbacks
13 Chicago Cubs
14 Boston Red Sox
15 Chicago White Sox
16 San Francisco Giants
17 Baltimore Orioles
18 Milwaukee Brewers
19 Tampa Bay Rays
20 Toronto Blue Jays
21 St. Louis Cardinals
22 Seattle Mariners
23 Cleveland Guardians
24 Atlanta Braves
25 San Diego Padres
26 New York Yankees
27 Philadelphia Phillies
28 Houston Astros

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