DSL Astros

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The DSL Astros have represented the Houston Astros in the Dominican Summer League. The Astros also sent players to the 1989 DSL White Sox/Astros/Rangers, 1990 DSL Astros/Cardinals, 1994-1995 DSL Astros/Brewers, and 1996 DSL Astros/Red Sox. The Astros sent players to a second team in 1993, the DSL Giants/Phillies/Astros. In 2014-2017 and 2022 the DSL Astros were replaced by two teams, the DSL Astros Blue and the DSL Astros Orange

The team has produced Johan Santana, Melvin Mora, Alejandro Freire, Santiago Ramirez, Wandy Rodriguez and Jailen Peguero.

Year-by-Year Record[edit]

Year Record Manager Playoffs Hitting Coach Pitching Coach Coach
1991 21-49
1992 28-40 Ramon Garcia
1993 35-35 Rick Aponte or Juan Mercedes
1997 36-35 Rick Aponte
1998 26-38 Rick Aponte
1999 47-23 Rick Aponte
2000 48-21 Rick Aponte
2001 50-20 Lost in 1st round Rick Aponte
2002 39-32 Rick Aponte
2003 33-33 Rick Aponte
2004 31-39 Rick Aponte
2005 23-46 Rick Aponte
2006 36-30 Rick Aponte
2007 29-39
2008 20-51 Rafael Ramirez
2009 32-32 Luis Martinez Juan Zapata
2010 26-43 Luis Martinez Luis Mateo Juan Zapata
2011 27-40 Luis Martinez Luis Mateo Juan Zapata
2012 22-47 Luis Martinez Luis Mateo Juan Zapata
2013 39-31 Johan Maya Luis Mateo Rick Aponte Juan Zapata
2018 30-41 Charlie Romero Luis Mateo Rick Aponte Erik Acevedo, Selin Aquino, Carlos Lugo, Alejandro Martinez, Carlos Gonzalez, Gerardo Olivares, Darwin Peguero, Luis Reynoso, Omar Rosario, Starlyng Sanchez
2019 38-31 Carlos Lugo Ernesto Irizarry Rick Aponte Starlyng Sanchez, Alejandro Martinez, Luis Reynoso, Gerardo Olivares, Selin Aquino, Erik Acevedo
2020 Season cancelled
2021 24-34 Carlos Lugo Luis Reynoso Rick Aponte, Starlyng Sanchez, Ezra Bye Erik Acevedo