1962 Cuban National League

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The 1962 season was the first season of Cuba's national baseball system.

Serie Nacional[edit]

The inaugural Serie Nacional was won by Occidentales, who were managed by Fermín Guerra.

Following the March 1961 edict (National Degree Number 936) outlawing professional sports on the island, the Cuban professional leagues was disbanded. The post-revolutionary government's INDER (Instituto Nacional de Deportes, Educación Física y Recreación) quickly converted the professional to amateur baseball structure for the first National Series for the following January. The series was the only competition in the National League in this year.

The four-team league played a 27-game schedule from January to March. In the league's first game on January 14 between Orientales and Azucareros. Players were drawn from throughout the island's six provinces; for instance the league champion Occidentales was comprised largely of players from Pinar del Río. Despite the regional names of the teams, all teams were based in Havana and all games were played at the capital's Gran Stadium.

All of the teams' managers were former professional league players. The pennant-winning skipper, Guerra, was a former winter league star and part-time American League catcher. Orientales were managed by former star pitcher Pedro “Natilla” Jiménez. Azucareros were led by Antonio Castaño, the former Havana Sugar Kings manager who remained in Cuba following the team's transfer to Jersey City, NJ in the previous year. José Maria Fernández a long-time player in the Mexican League as well as the Negro Leagues, and final manager of the professional league's Marianao Tigers was the manager of Habana.

The league's top pitcher was Occidentales' Manuel Hernández in his only Serie Nacional season. Hernández had a 6 – 3 win-loss record with a 1.64 ERA in 76.2 innings pitched. He had a 94/28 strikeout to walk ratio and held opposing batters to a .180 batting average. Teammate Erwin Walters was the league's top batter and MVP with a .367 average.


Bold indicates Serie Nacional champion
Occidentales 27 18 9 0.667 -.-
Azucareros 27 13 14 0.481 5.0
Orientales 27 13 14 0.481 5.0
Habana 27 10 17 0.370 8.0


Bold indicates either wooden bat record or aluminum bat record (1976-1977 to 1998-1999), Italics indicate Serie Nacional record


Stat Leader Team Number Notes
Batting Average Erwin Walters Occidentales .367 29 hits in 79 at-bats
Runs Scored Urbano González Occidentales 19
Base Hits Urbano González Occidentales 40
Doubles Tomás Soto Occidentales 10
Triples Daniel Hernández Orientales 3
Home Runs Rolando Valdés Orientales 3
Runs Batted In Tomás Soto
Ramón Hechavarría
Pedro Carvajal
19 Leader in less at-bats (69)
83 at-bats
98 at-bats
Base-on-Balls Antonio Rodríguez
Rolando Valdés
Intentional Base-on-Balls Manuel Díaz Sierra Habana 4
Hit-by-Pitch Fidel Linares Occidentales 6
Strikeouts Orlando Reyes Habana 24
Sacrifice Hit Andrés Telemaco
Juan Mirabal
Jorge Santín
Sacrifice Fly Tomás Soto
Óscar Valdés
Stolen Bases Everildo Hernández Azucareros 10


Stat Leader Team Number Notes
Wins Manuel E. Hernández Occidentales 6
Win-Loss Percentage Rolando Pastor
Julio Morales
0.750 3 - 1
3 - 1
Earned Run Average Antonio Rubio Occidentales 1.39 7 ER in 45.1 IP
Innings Pitched Manuel E. Hernández Occidentales 76.2
Games Pitched Jorge Santín
Julio Morales
Games Started Jorge Santín Azucareros 10
Games Relieved Julio Morales Habana 11
Complete Games Manuel E. Hernández Occidentales 7
Shutouts Rolando Pastor Occidentales 3
Hits Allowed Jorge Santín Azucareros 71
Strikeouts Manuel E. Hernández Occidentales 94
Base-on-Balls Alfredo Street Habana 30
Intentional Base-on-Balls Fernando Sanfeliz Occidentales 6
Hit Batters Franklin Aspillaga
Aquino Abreu
Jorge Santín

Award Winners[edit]

The Most Valuable Player (Jugadores más Valiosos) was Erwin Walters a outfielder with Occidentales. The Most Valuable Pitcher (Lanzadores más Valiosos) was Manuel Hernández of Occidentales.


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