Orientales (Serie Nacional)

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The Orientales (Easterners) were one of the first four teams in the Cuban Serie Nacional when it began in 1962. Based in Santiago de Cuba Province, they won their only title in 1966-1967 and lost a tie-breaking playoff to the Industriales in 1962-63. The Orientales vanished after winning the '67 title when the league expanded and reorganized.

Yearly Record[edit]

Year Record Manager Games Back
1962 13-14 Pedro Jiménez 5
1962-63 16-14 Pedro Jiménez Runner-up
1963-64 14-21 Pedro Jiménez 8 (last)
1964-65 14-25 Roberto Ledo 11 (last)
1965-66 38-27 Roberto Ledo 2
1966-67 36-29 Roberto Ledo Champions

Note: There were no playoffs prior to 1985. The top team in the regular-season was named champion.