Occidentales (Serie Nacional)

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The Occidentales (Westerners) won the first Cuban Serie Nacional title, in 1962, under manager Mike Guerra. The club included MVP Erwin Walters and several league leaders, including Fidel Linares. Pedro Chávez won MVP honors with them in 1964. They did not win a title again and vanished in 1967-1968 when the league expanded the Occidentales club was divided.

Yearly Record[edit]

Year Record Manager GB
1962 18-9 Fermín Guerra Champions
1962-63 15-15 Fermín Guerra 1
1963-64 18-18 Gilberto Torres 4.5
1964-65 21-18 Gilberto Torres 4
1965-66 29-35 Gilberto Torres 10.5
1966-67 35-31 Francisco Quicutis 2