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Biographical Information[edit]

Alfredo Street was a Cuban pitching star of the 1960s.

He was 0-1 in the 1959 Pan American Games, going 1 for 4. He pitched a no-hitter for club Teléfonos when they won the 1960 amateur title, the last edition of the old amateur league. He went 3-0 with a 1.15 ERA for the Cuban national team that won the 1961 Amateur World Series, going 3 for 10 at the plate. He was one win shy of event leader Luis Garcia.

When the Cuban Serie Nacional was formed, he pitched in the new league's first day of action. Working for Habana, he lost a 3-1, 11-inning decision matched against Manuel Hernández of the Occidentales. He finished the 1962 season at 2-6, 4.17 with a league-high 30 walks. He was 1-0 for Cuba in the 1962 Central American and Caribbean Games, going 1 for 3 on offense.

After sitting out the 1962-1963 season, he was 1-1 with a 1.42 ERA for the Industriales in 1963-1964. He moved to the Occidentales in 1964-1965 and had a 2-0, 2.66 record; he is listed as the leader in winning percentage despite just the two decisions. Street was 6-4 despite a 1.09 ERA for the Industriales in 1965-1966. He led the league in ERA and tied Justino Gavilán for the most shutouts (3). He won Serie Nacional Pitcher of the Year.

In the 1966 Central American and Caribbean Games, he was 1-0 with a 0.00 ERA for the Gold Medal winners, going 0 for 4. The veteran did not play in 1966-1967. In the 1967 Pan American Games, he beat Glennis Scott of Team Canada in relief. He was 1-1 in the event but his 6.14 ERA was the highest on the Silver Medal winners. In 1967-1968, he had a 5-5, 1.81 record for the Industriales. He was 10-5 with a 1.99 ERA in 1968-1969. He wound down in 1969-1970 at 2-2, 1.57 for Habana.

Overall, he was 33-26 with a 2.01 ERA in eight seasons in the Serie Nacional and hit .179/.280/.246. As of 2020, he was 15th in league history in ERA, between Eliécer Velázquez and Rigoberto Sánchez.

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