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Liga Colombiana de Béisbol Profesional

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Liga Colombiana de Béisbol Profesional

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Founded 1948
No. of teams 6
Country Flag of Colombia Colombia
Current champions Vaqueros de Montería
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The Liga Colombiana de Béisbol Profesional or CBP (Colombian League in English) is the major professional baseball league in Colombia that plays its schedule during the winter. Although it is a member of the Confederación de Béisbol del Caribe, it first participated in the Serie del Caribe in 2020.


The league has six teams. The season lasts from October to January. The top four teams at the end of the regular season (50 games per team) advance to another round-robin of 12 games per team with the two best teams contesting a best-of-seven final series to determine the league champion.


In the middle of 2004 season, the league was accepted in the Confederación de Béisbol del Caribe, making it eligible for participation in the Serie del Caribe. The LCBP hopes to develop baseball in the country so that it can play in the Caribbean Series at some point. The current league director is Edinson Rentería, who has been in the position since 1999. The league's top two teams are the Eléctricos de Barranquilla and Tigres de Cartagena, who have won the last four championships of the 2010s.

Bogotá and Medellín were new teams for the 2010-11 season, but the season was cancelled due to bad weather on December 8, 2010. In 2020, the league was finally invited to play in the Caribbean Series, although it was only as a one-time replacement for the Cuban team, which had run into visa problems. It was Vaqueros de Monteria who had the honor of representing the league, having just won their first title of the century, but they lost all five games they played and made a quick exit from the tournament. It demonstrated that for all the progress Colombian baseball had made over the previous two decades, the league still was not at the level of its more established rivals from elsewhere in the region.

Current Teams[edit]

Team English Stadium City
Caimanes de Barranquilla Barranquilla Crocodiles Estadio Tomas Arrieta Barranquilla, Atlántico
Tigres de Cartagena Cartagena Tigers Estadio Once de Noviembre Cartagena, Bolívar
Vaqueros de Monteria Monteria Cowboys Estadio 18 de Junio Montería, Córdoba
Toros de Sincelejo Sincelejo Bulls Estadio 20 de Enero Sincelejo, Sucre
Leones de Santa Marta Santa Marta Lions Estadio La Esperanza Santa Marta, Magdalena
Gigantes de Barranquilla Barranquilla Giants Estadio Tomas Arrieta Barranquilla, Atlántico

Annual Champions[edit]

Team won the Caribbean Series/Latin American Series
Year Champion Record Manager
1948 Indios de Cartagena 11-7 Juan Gonzalez Cornett
1949 Filtta de Barranquilla 20-6 Rafael Alvarado
1950 Indios de Cartagena 32-17 Juan Gonzalez Cornett
1951 Filtta de Barranquilla 18-12 Gil Garrido Sr.
1952 Indios de Cartagena 29-13 Juan Gonzalez Cornett
1953 Torices de Cartagena 18-33 Pedro Pagés
1953-54 Torices de Cartagena 34-26 Pedro Pagés
1954-55 Willard de Barranquilla 41-24 Spud Chandler
1955-56 Indios de Cartagena 33-32 Gaspar Del Monte
1956-57 Kola Roman de Cartagena 37-29 Frank Scalzi
1957-58 Vanytor de Barranquilla 35-25 Ted Narleski

1979-80 Indios de Cartagena 18-32 José Martínez
1980-81 Indios de Cartagena 34-26 Rigoberto Mendoza
1981-82 Cafe Universal de Barranquilla 31-25 José Martínez
1982-83 Cafe Universal de Barranquilla 39-25 José Martínez
1983-84 Cerveza Águila de Barranquilla 39-21 Carlos Alfonso
1984-85 Caimanes de Barranquilla 38-22 Jose Tartabull
1985-86 League on Hiatus
1986-87 League on Hiatus
1987-88 Indios de Cartagena 29-20 Curtis Wallace

1993-94 Phillips-Atlántico
1994-95 Caimanes de Barranquilla 22-14 Tomás Soto
1995-96 Tigres de Cartagena 23-24 Jolbert Cabrera
1996-97 Rancheros de Sincelejo 30-17 Jose Tartabull
1997-98 Caimanes de Barranquilla 18-13 Edinson Rentería
1998-99 Caimanes de Barranquilla 17-7 Edinson Rentería
1999-00 Vaqueros de Barranquilla 13-14 Noe Maduro
2000-01 League on Hiatus
2001-02 Eléctricos de Barranquilla 20-10 Noe Maduro
2002-03 Eléctricos de Barranquilla 22-14 Brent Bowers
2003-04 Tigres de Cartagena 16-14 Bill Madlock
2004-05 Tigres de Cartagena 13-17 Bill Madlock
2005-06 Tigres de Cartagena 17-13 Neder Horta
2006-07 Tigres de Cartagena 28-26 Neder Horta
2007-08 Caimanes de Barranquilla 33-20 Walter Miranda
2008-09 Caimanes de Barranquilla 28-25 Walter Miranda
2009-10 Caimanes de Barranquilla 30-24 Boris Villa
2010-11 Postseason cancelled due to bad weather
2011-12 Toros de Sincelejo 25-17 Neder Horta
2012-13 Caimanes de Barranquilla 26-16 Wilson Valera
2013-14 Tigres de Cartagena 32-9 Donaldo Méndez
2014-15 Leones de Montería 20-22 Luis Urueta
2015-16 Caimanes de Barranquilla 26-16 Luis Urueta
2016-17 Leones de Montería 22-19 Jair Fernández
2017-18 Leones de Montería 24-18 Jair Fernández
2018-19 Caimanes de Barranquilla 29-12 Fred Ocasio
2019-20 Vaqueros de Montería 21-19 Ozney Guillen
2020-21 Caimanes de Barranquilla 13-11 Jose Mosquera
2021-22 Caimanes de Barranquilla 23-13 Jose Mosquera
2022-23 Vaqueros de Montería 27-15 Ronald Ramírez