1875 Boston Red Stockings

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1875 Boston Red Stockings / Franchise: Boston Red Stockings / BR Team Page[edit]

Record: 71-8-3 (.884), Finished 1st in National Association

National Association Champions

Ballpark: South End Grounds; 35-0 (1.000); RS: 356; RA: 118; Diff: 238; Pts: 70

  • Hampden Park, Springfield, MA (May 14); 1-0 (1.000); RS: 21; RA: 13; Diff: 8; Pts: 2
  • Adelaide Avenue Grounds Providence, RI (June 22); 1-0 (1.000); RS: 11; RA: 0; Diff: 0; Pts: 2

History, Comments, Contributions[edit]

The 1875 Boston Red Stockings almost never lost a game, going 71-8-3. Al Spalding went 55-5-3, and the team hit .320 in a league that hit .254. Deacon White had the top batting average while Cal McVey had the best slugging average on the team. Both averages also led the National Association. Ross Barnes led the league in on-base percentage and runs scored while Jim O'Rourke led the league in home runs.

After the National Association folded, some of the Red Stockings players remained in Boston to play with the new National League entry in 1876, while some of them went to Chicago to play for the Chicago White Stockings.

  • Boston Uniform: 1875

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