Vero Beach Dodgers

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Team History[edit]

The Vero Beach Dodgers of the Florida State League had been affiliates of the Los Angeles Dodgers since the club's inception in 1980. After the 2006 season, the Dodgers ended the affiliation, and the team became the Vero Beach Devil Rays.

Year-by-Year Record[edit]

Year Record Finish Manager Playoffs Hitting Coach Pitching Coach
1980 82-59 3rd Stan Wasiak Lost League Finals
1981 63-73 8th Stan Wasiak (23-35) / John Shoemaker Paul Popovich (interim 5/17-8/1) John Shoemaker Dave Wallace
1982 80-53 2nd Terry Collins (79-53) / Stan Wasiak (1-0) Lost in 1st round John Shoemaker Dave Wallace
1983 69-65 6th Stan Wasiak League Champs John Shoemaker Dennis Lewallyn
1984 79-67 3rd Stan Wasiak John Shoemaker Dennis Lewallyn
1985 67-73 9th Stan Wasiak John Shoemaker Dennis Lewallyn
1986 68-70 7th Stan Wasiak John Shoemaker Dennis Lewallyn
1987 62-76 12th John Shoemaker Pat Zachry
1988 75-62 4th John Shoemaker Lost in 1st round Dennis Lewallyn
1989 69-66 9th Joe Alvarez Dennis Lewallyn
1990 79-56 5th Joe Alvarez League Champs Dennis Lewallyn
1991 79-52 2nd Jerry Royster Lost in 1st round Jon Debus Dennis Lewallyn
1992 53-82 12th Glenn Hoffman Garrett Teel Dennis Lewallyn
1993 56-77 12th Joe Vavra Garrett Teel Dennis Lewallyn
1994 60-75 12th Jon Debus John Shoemaker Dennis Lewallyn
1995 74-59 4th Jon Debus Tony Harris Guy Conti
1996 65-66 8th Jon Debus Lost in 1st round Tony Harris Guy Conti
1997 70-67 7th John Shoemaker Lost League Finals Tony Harris
1998 58-81 13th John Shoemaker Mark Brewer
1999 48-85 14th Alvaro Espinoza Jon Debus Jim Stoeckel
2000 66-71 8th John Shoemaker Tony Harris Marty Reed
2001 67-66 4th (t) Bob Mariano Lost in 1st round Pat Harrison Marty Reed Yoshitaka Katori
2002 72-63 4th Juan Bustabad Pat Harrison Ken Howell
2003 62-69 10th Scott Little Brian Traxler Ken Howell
2004 77-57 1st Scott Little Lost in 1st round Juan Bustabad Ken Howell
2005 77-56 3rd Scott Little Lost in 1st round Dan Radison Marty Reed
2006 51-80 12th Luis Salazar Ramon Ortiz Glenn Dishman

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