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Welcome to the Bullpen! It'd be great to break up the Did You Know Archive into smaller bits. - --Mischa 19:39, 11 February 2013 (EST)

Okay, I will get started on that. It may take me a while. AutomaticStrikeout 19:40, 11 February 2013 (EST)

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Done. AutomaticStrikeout 15:41, 15 February 2013 (EST)

  • ...about the controversy that erupted when ex-convict Alabama Pitts was signed by the Albany Senators in 1935?
  • ...that the 1958 Caribbean Series marked the first time the Caribbean Series had a repeat winner?
  • ...that Dong-Yeol Sun won 8 ERA titles in the Korea Baseball Organization?
  • ...what circumstances made Dave Malarcher the manager of the Chicago American Giants?
  • ...that former minor leaguer Randy Poffo achieved fame as wrestler Randy "Macho Man" Savage?
  • ...that Cliff Brumbaugh won two MVP awards in one year?
  • ...that Bruce Dostal missed playing in a major league game only because Harold Baines didn't reach base?
  • backup Frankie Zak was chosen for the 1944 All-Star Game?
  • ...that Ray Knoblauch (the father of Chuck Knoblauch) coached a high school team to four Texas state championships?
  • ...that Masayuki Nagayasu was the first Nippon Pro Baseball player to be banned for life?
  • ...that Twins reliever Pat Neshek collects sports memorabilia?
  • ...that former minor leaguer Scott Lucas eventually became the US Senate Majority Leader?
  • ...why Rick Guttormson was sent down to the minors a day after throwing a no-hitter?
  • ...that José Hernández broke a long-standing home run record previously held by a Hall-of-Famer?
  • ...why NPB single-season save record holder Hitoki Iwase chose his uniform number?
  • ...the fate of the New York Yankees' two big international signees in 1996 - Jackson Melián and Katsuhiro Maeda?
  • ...that sportswriter Rick Wolff had a 15-year break in his professional baseball career yet had the best average in the Chicago White Sox chain upon his return?
  • ...that Bob Thurman is the all-time home run leader in the Puerto Rican Winter League?
  • ...that Len Picota was invited to spring training by the Montréal Expos seven years after he had last pitched in the affiliated minor leagues?
  • ...that Clemente Nunez was the first player ever signed by the Florida Marlins?
  • ...that Masahiro Kawai is the all-time world leader in sacrifice hits?
  • ...that Preacher Roe admitted to throwing a spitball?
  • ...that Slim Jones died of pneumonia after selling his winter coat to buy whiskey?
  • ...that Larry Jansen was the last pitcher to win 30 games in AAA?
  • ...that Steve Biras had a hit in his only two major league at-bats - and never got an at-bat in the minors, making him a 1.000 hitter in pro ball?
  • ...that Bunny Mick tried to teach Vince Coleman how to bunt?
  • ...which future MVP Steve Stone often beat in pool during their college days?
  • ...that Greg Bicknell set the modern Northern League record for wins one year - and the record for losses the next?
  • ...that Ryan Goleski had surgery shortly before being the first pick in the 2006 Rule V Draft, a fact not revealed by his team?
  • ...that Joe Black hurt his arm trying to expand his repertoire?
  • ...that Hirofumi Naito was offered a deal by the Brooklyn Dodgers over a decade before Masanori Murakami became the first Japanese player in the majors?
  • ...what Manuel García's unusual nickname was and how he got it?
  • ...that Tom Paciorek's first minor league roommate was his last major league manager?
  • Louis Santop broke three ribs of a fellow future Hall-of-Famer?
  • ...that Dutch Meyer kicked the winning field goal in the 1936 Sugar Bowl?
  • ...that Andy Pafko was the left fielder when the Shot Heard 'Round the World sailed into the left field seats?
  • ...that Pat Patterson was the first black member of the Texas Coaches Hall of Fame?
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