1981 European Championship

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The 1981 European Championship was the only European Championship from 1975 through 1983 that the Italian national team failed to win. The event was held from July 11 through July 19, 1981 in Haarlem. The field remained small with only four teams but attendance was good at 55,000 total. Even Spain, traditionally a strong competitor, failed to field a team.

Flag of Netherlands Netherlands won Gold, going 8-0 at home. They were coached by Jim Stoeckel of Harvard University. Charles Urbanus Jr. hit .522. Jan Hizelendoorn won Best Pitcher honors, while Paul Smit was named MVP.

Flag of Italy Italy won Silver at 4-4. They were managed by Giuseppe Guilizzoni.

Flag of Sweden Sweden went 3-5 to take home Bronze. It was their first Medal ever in a Euro.

Flag of Belgium Belgium was 4th at 3-5.

Source: Baseball in Europe by Josh Chetwynd

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