1977 European Championship

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The 1977 European Championship was held from July 23 through July 31, 1977 in Haarlem, the Netherlands. Despite home field advantage, the Netherlands is not able to reclaim their pre-1975 stronghold on first place as Italy proved 1975 was no fluke by pulling off a repeat Gold. Over 40,000 people came out for the tournament, including Peter O'Malley.

Flag of Italy Italy went 6-2 to win Gold, topping the Dutch squad in 3 of 4 games in the finals (7-4, 4-1 and 1-0 after losing 2-1 in the opener). Italy hit .362 and had a 1.10 team ERA. Riccardo Landucci was named the best hitter. Ted Alfieri won MVP honors.

Flag of Netherlands Netherlands was 4-0 in the preliminary round but 1-3 in the championship round. Bertil Haage was named best pitcher.

Flag of Belgium Belgium finished 4-2, never losing to the bottom two teams or beating the top two.

Flag of Sweden Sweden placed 4th at 1-5, with their only win coming against Spain.

Flag of Spain Spain beat Sweden 8-3 in the preliminary round but lost to them 2-0 in the 3rd-5th place group finals to finish last.

Source: Baseball in Europe by Josh Chetwynd

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