1956 European Championship

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The 1956 European Championship was the third European Championship. It was held from July 10 through July 15, 1956 in Rome, Italy.

Flag of Netherlands Netherlands made its debut after sitting out the first two events and finished where it would in many future European Championships - winning a Gold Medal. The team went 4-0, though they only won one blowout, 13-2, a surprising rout of Italian ace Giulio Glorioso. Han Urbanus allowed only 5 hits in the victory over Italy.

Flag of Belgium Belgium won its second straight Silver Medal at 3-1.

Flag of Italy Italy went 2-2 and claimed a Bronze.

Flag of Spain Spain fell to 1-3 and 4th place after winning Silver and Gold in the first two Euros.

Flag of Germany Germany placed last at 0-4.

Flag of France France pulled out because many of its players were serving in North Africa.

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Source: Baseball in Europe by Josh Chetwynd