1955 European Championship

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The 1955 European Championship was the second European Championship. With the powerhouse Netherlands still sitting out the event, the field was open for the host Spanish club. The Championship was held from July 5 through July 10 in Barcelona.

Flag of Spain Spain went 3-0-1 and got three shutouts (one in a 0-0 tie); their other win was 21-3 over France. Pitcher José Luis Bernardo Menéndez was the top Spanish performer; Italy claimed he was a Venezuelan and not eligible to play but no falsification could be found. It would be the first of many nationality questions in European Championship history. They would not win a title again until 2023.

Flag of Belgium Belgium won Silver at 3-1.

Flag of Germany Germany won Bronze with a 2-2 record.

Flag of Italy Italy had one of its worst performances ever, finishing out of the medal round for the only time in the 20th Century. They went 1-2-1.

Flag of France France was last at 0-4.

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Source: Baseball in Europe by Josh Chetwynd