1984 World Junior Championship

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The 1984 World Junior Championship (also known as the Youth Championship at the time) was the fourth World Junior Championship. Held in Kindersley, SK, it was the first WJC held outside the USA. It featured the fourth different winner in the event's first four years as Cuba won Gold. The USA won its third Silver Medal, while defending champion Taiwan won Bronze. After that, Panama finished 4th then South Korea, Australia, the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Canada and Belgium.

Australia's team included Richard Vagg, Ross Darling, Max Hardy and Troy Martin. They beat the US as a highlight, Hardy getting the win and Darling hitting a long homer off Bill Dodd.

The last-place Belgians had Paul Spoelders, Mario Segers, Ronny Annaert, Norman Caes and Vincent Brabands. Theo De Brauwer was their manager.

The host Canadians barely avoided last. Their team included Peter Ballance, Christian Cantin, Mike Dorrington?Derrington?, Louis Mazzocca, Winston Brown, Dan Demchuk, Larry Walker, Carlo Bonifero, Martin Robitaille and Daniel Desgagne. Tom Erasmus was a coach.

The champion Cubans had Luis Guerra, Virgilio Ruiz and Emilio Hernandez while Juan Delis was a coach.

The Dominican team also beat the US. They had Juan Guzmán, Rafael Perez (this one?), Cesar Morales, Rafael Bournigal, Jose Duran and Manuel Chireno.

Nicaragua had Donald Farach and Carlos Matus.

Panama used Cesar Hall, Julian Rivera, Daniel Sanchez and Dario De Obaldia. Emilio Castro coached.

Taiwan's team had Wei-Cheng Chen, Min-Ching Lo, Chang-Shin Yang and Cheng-Hsien Chen. Shui-Chuan Fang managed the Bronze Medalists and Sheng-San Tu was a coach.

The USA roster was Bill Dodd, Barry Ledbetter, Gregg Olson, Derrick White (presumably not the future major leaguer?), Albert Belle, Jeff Dishman, Steve Finken, Steve Green, Sean Grubb, Mike Ignasiak, Tom Kukczewski, Jack McDowell, Rodney Murrell, Gregg Patterson, Dave Sturdivant and Jeffrey Williams.

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