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The Union Association, abbreviated UA, was launched by Henry Lucas in 1884. Lucas rigged the schedule to make things easier for his St. Louis Maroons, who dominated the league. Only five of the league's original eight teams survived the season, while four (or five, depending on how you figure things) others appeared at one point or another. Only two teams survived the season in sound financial shape - Lucas's Maroons joined the National League, while Justus Thorner's Cincinnati Outlaw Reds failed in an attempt to replace Detroit in the NL. When the league failed to set up for a second season, two teams, the Milwaukee Cream Citys and Kansas City Cowboys formed a new Western League out of its ashes, but it failed to complete the 1885 season.

The UA has often been included in lists of major leagues, but Bill James devoted several pages in his Historical Baseball Abstract to argue otherwise.

There was also a minor league called the Union Association which operated from 1911 to 1914 in the Rocky Mountains; it was a class D league.

1884 Teams & Statistics[edit]

1884 Union Association
President: Henry Lucas

Team Standings W L PCT GB Managers
St. Louis Maroons 94 19 .832 0 Henry Lucas
Cincinnati Outlaw Reds 69 36 .657 21 Dan O'Leary /Sam Crane
Baltimore Monumentals 58 47 .552 32 Charlie Levis / Bill Henderson
Boston Reds 58 51 .532 34 Tim Murnane
Washington Nationals 47 65 .420 46.5 Mike Scanlon
Milwaukee Cream Citys 8 4 .667 NA Tom Loftus
Chicago/Pittsburgh (3),(5) 41 50 .451 NA

Hengle / Battin / Ellick

Philadelphia Keystones (2) 21 46 .313 NA Fergy Malone / Tom Pratt
St. Paul Apostles 2 6 .250 NA Andrew Thompson
Altoona Mountain City (1) 6 19 .240 NA Ed Curtis
Kansas City Cowboys 16 63 .203 NA Ted Sullivan
Wilmington Quicksteps (4) 2 16 .111 NA Joe Simmons

(1) Altoona disbanded May 31 & Kansas City replaced them June 7.
(2) Philadelphia disbanded Aug. 7 & Wilmington replaced them AUG. 18.
(3) Chicago moved to Pittsburgh August 20.
(4) Wilmington disbanded September 15 & Milwaukee replaced them September 27.
(5) Pittsburgh disbanded September 19 & St. Paul replaced them September 27.

Player Team Stat Tot Player Team Stat Tot
Fred Dunlap St. Louis BA .412 Bill Sweeney Baltimore W 40
Fred Dunlap St. Louis Runs 160 Hugh Daily Chi/Pitt/Wash SO 483
Fred Dunlap St. Louis Hits 185 Jim McCormick Cincinnati ERA 1.54
Fred Dunlap St. Louis HR 13 Jim McCormick Cincinnati Pct .875; 21-3

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