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From 1983 to 2000, the Las Vegas Stars were an affiliate of the San Diego Padres until they changed their name to the Las Vegas 51s. The team name came from Area 51, the secret government site in the Nevada desert said to be the home of extra-terrestrial aliens from the Roswell incident in 1947. The team's logo depicts an alien over the number 51. In 2019 they were renamed the Las Vegas Aviators.

Year-by-Year Record[edit]

Year Record Finish Manager Playoffs Hitting Coach Pitching Coach
2001 68-76 11th Rick Sofield Ron Jackson Dean Treanor
2002 85-59 1st Brad Mills Lost PCL Semifinals Ron Jackson Shawn Barton
2003 76-66 2nd John Shoemaker George Hendrick/Gene Richards Shawn Barton
2004 67-76 3rd Terry Kennedy George Hendrick Roger McDowell
2005 57-86 4th Jerry Royster Mariano Duncan Roger McDowell
2006 67-77 3rd Jerry Royster Steve Yeager Ken Howell
2007 67-77 13th Lorenzo Bundy Mike Easler Ken Howell
2008 74-69 7th Lorenzo Bundy John Moses Jim Slaton
2009 71-73 10th (t) Mike Basso Ken Joyce Dave LaRoche
2010 66-78 13th Dan Rohn Chad Mottola Dave LaRoche
2011 71-73 6th (t) Marty Brown Chad Mottola Tom Signore
2012 79-64 5th Marty Brown Chad Mottola Bob Stanley
2013 81-63 2nd Wally Backman Lost in 1st Round George Greer Randy St. Claire
2014 81-63 1st Wally Backman Lost in 1st Round George Greer Tom Signore / Frank Viola
2015 77-67 7th Wally Backman Jack Voigt Frank Viola
2016 70-74 10th Wally Backman Jack Voigt Frank Viola
2017 56-86 16th Pedro Lopez Jack Voigt Frank Viola
2018 71-69 9th Tony DeFrancesco Joel Chimelis Glenn Abbott

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