1948 Amateur World Series

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The 1948 Amateur World Series was the 10th Amateur World Series. It was held in Managua, Nicaragua from November 20 through December 12, 1948. The usually-powerful Cubans did not field a squad; in the wake of the integration of Organized Baseball, many top Cuban amateurs had been signed by MLB teams that had previously refused to sign the darker-skinned Cubans.

Flag of Dominican Republic Dominican Republic won its only Amateur World Series title, going 8-1. Ramon del Monte goes 4-0 with a 0.34 ERA and takes home MVP honors. Manuel Caceres tied for the best average (.522) and most hits (12) while Bienvenido Arias tied for the most triples (2). Elias Frias led with 9 runs.

Flag of Puerto Rico Puerto Rico went 6-1 in the round-robin but lost 11-1 and 2-1 to the Dominicans in the best-of-3 finals. They won their second straight Silver Medal. M. Ruiz tied for the most doubles (4) and most triples (2).

Flag of Colombia Colombia won Bronze at 5-2. Luis Morales tied for the best average (.522) and most hits (12). R. Baldiris tied for the most triples (2).

Flag of Mexico Mexico also was 5-2. Miguel Corral tied for the most hits (12) and led with 3 homers while Fernando Arrieta tied for the most doubles with 4.

Flag of Panama Panama finished 5th at 3-4. Nugent Josephs led the tournament with 9 steals, though.

Flag of Guatemala Guatemala placed 6th at 2-5.

Flag of Nicaragua Nicaragua fell from third in 1947 to 7th here at 1-6. They were initially managed by Cuban Juan Ealo but he was fired after a loss to Mexico. Nicaraguan dictator Anastasio Somoza took control of the team for the remainder of the tourney.

Flag of El Salvador El Salvador finished last, going 0-7.

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Source: A History of Cuban Baseball by Peter Bjarkman