1973 Amateur World Series (FIBA)

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The 1973 Amateur World Series run by FIBA is listed in the history books as "Amateur World Series XXI" or "Baseball World Cup XXI" even though the event numbered "XXII" actually had begun and finished earlier - the 1973 Amateur World Series run by rival group FEMBA. Once the two organizations reconciled later in the decade, the current numbering system was put into place. The FIBA 1973 Amateur World Series was held in Havana, Cuba from November 25 through December 9, 1973.

Flag of Cuba Cuba, as usual, won Gold, going 14-0 for manager Servio Borges. With the reduced field, they allowed only 5 runs in the tournament while scoring 119. Agustín Marquetti took home MVP honors after leading the tourney in RBI (21) and hits (25); he batted .417. Félix Isasi (.327) led in runs (20) and tied for the most homers (3), even with teammates Evelio Hernández (.524 in 21 AB), Germán Águila and Armando Capiró (.368). Wilfredo Sánchez (.364) led in steals (9). Luis Barreiro (3-0, 0.00) led in strikeouts (34) and tied for the win lead. Julio Romero (3-0, 0.00) led in ERA and tied for the most wins. Juan Pérez Pérez no-hit Venezuela, the first no-hitter for a Cuban in Amateur World Series history; ironically, he allowed Cuba's lone earned run(s) of the tournament with a 0.95 ERA. They had 6 of the event's 10 All-Stars in 1B Marquetti, 2B Isasi, SS Rodolfo Puente, 3B Águila, LF Capiró and RHP Romero.

Flag of Puerto Rico Puerto Rico won Silver at 10-3 and only lost 3-2 to Cuba one game (their other game against Cuba was a 10-0 defeat). All-Star RF Juan Fontánez led in average (.432). They were managed by Vic Power.

Flag of Venezuela Venezuela claimed Bronze with a 10-4 record. Evelio Ovalles led in innings (27) and tied for the most wins (3-0). Osvaldo Castellanos was their skipper. José Ayala (C) and Augusto Venancio (LHP) were named to the All-Star team.

Flag of Dominican Republic Dominican Republic was 4th at 7-6. Francisco Edmond is listed in some sources as the All-Star CF but no player by that name is on the Dominican roster - perhaps this is player Francisco Cabrera.

Flag of Panama Panama finished fifth with a 6-8 record.

Flag of Mexico Mexico placed 6th at 5-9. Francisco Rodriguez led with 6 doubles.

Flag of Netherlands Antilles Netherlands Antilles was 7th with a 3-11 mark.

Flag of Netherlands Netherlands finished dead last at 0-14.

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Source: A History of Cuban Baseball by Peter Bjarkman, Article on the 1973 Amateur World Series