Fort Wayne Semi Pro Baseball Team

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The Fort Wayne Semi Pro Baseball Team of Fort Wayne, IN were a national power in semi-pro baseball back in the 1940s and 1950s, winning five National Semi-Pro Championships, now called the NBC World Series. They are still the only team to have won four straight NBC titles. John Braden managed the team to all five championships.

They won their five National titles under three different sponsors names: General Electric, Capehart and Allen Dairy.

The club is notable for having three former Negro Leaguers win the MVP award at the NBC Semi Pro tournament: Bill Ricks 1949, Pat Scantlebury 1950 and Wilmer Fields 1957.

In 1950 the team was invited to play in Japan, then in 1956 they represented the US in the second Global World Series played at Milwaukee County Stadium. They beat the Honolulu Red Sox in the final 2-0.

NBC Finals Appearances[edit]

  • 1947, "General Electric" beat Golden Coors (CO) 4-2
  • 1948, "General Electric" beat Chatham Blanketeers (NC) 2-1
  • 1949, "General Electric" beat Golden Coors (CO) 5-4
  • 1950, "Capeharts" beat Elk City Elks (OK) 5-2
  • 1956, "Allen Dairy" beat Deming Loggers (WA) 18-1
  • 1957, "Allen Dairy" lost to Plymouth Oilers 6-4

Notable Alumni[edit]