American Rivers Conference

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The American Rivers Conference was formed in December 1922 as the Iowa Intercollegiate Athletic Conference. The conference was reorganized in 1954 when Loras College was dropped for being too strong and Westmar University (formerly Western Union College) and William Penn University because they were too weak. Four of the charter member are still in the conference: Buena Vista University, Central College, Luther College, and Simpson College. In August of 2018 the conference adopted its current name.

2024 Schools[edit]

map of 2024 schools

Conference Baseball Champions[edit]

IIAC logo ?-2018
Year Regular Season Tournament
1947 Central College
1948 Central College
1949 Buena Vista University
1950 Buena Vista University
1951 Buena Vista University
1952 Loras College (north)
Simpson College (south)
1953 Buena Vista University
1954 Buena Vista University
1955 Buena Vista University
1956 Upper Iowa University
1957 Buena Vista University
1958 Simpson College
1959 Buena Vista University
1960 Luther College
1961 Wartburg College
1962 Wartburg College
1963 Wartburg College
1964 Luther College
1965 Buena Vista University
1966 Luther College
1967 Upper Iowa University
1968 Luther College
1969 Luther College
1970 Buena Vista University
1971 Luther College
1972 Luther College
Upper Iowa University
1973 Upper Iowa University
1974 Buena Vista University
1975 Central College
Luther College
1976 Buena Vista University
1977 Wartburg College
1978 Wartburg College
William Penn University
1979 Wartburg College
1980 Buena Vista University
1981 Buena Vista University
William Penn University
1982 William Penn University
1983 Luther College
1984 Luther College
1985 Luther College
1986 William Penn University
1987 Simpson College
1988 William Penn University
1989 William Penn University
1990 William Penn University
1991 Simpson College
1992 William Penn University
1993 Upper Iowa University
1994 Simpson College Simpson College
1995 Upper Iowa University Upper Iowa University
1996 Upper Iowa University Upper Iowa University
1997 Wartburg College Upper Iowa University
1998 Upper Iowa University Wartburg College
1999 Simpson College Wartburg College
2000 Wartburg College Wartburg College
2001 Wartburg College Wartburg College
2002 Buena Vista University rained out
2003 Cornell College Wartburg College
2004 Wartburg College Simpson College
2005 Wartburg College Wartburg College
2006 Central College
Simpson College
Wartburg College
rained out
2007 Luther College
Wartburg College
Luther College
2008 Wartburg College Wartburg College
2009 Luther College
Loras College
Wartburg College
2010 Buena Vista University Buena Vista University
2011 Coe College Coe College
2012 Central College Coe College
2013 Wartburg College Wartburg College
2014 Buena Vista University Buena Vista University
2015 Wartburg College Coe College
2016 Wartburg College Luther College
2017 Wartburg College Wartburg College
2018 University of Dubuque University of Dubuque
2019 Coe College Buena Vista University
2020 Season cancelled in March
2021 Coe College Luther College
2022 Buena Vista University Coe College
2023 Buena Vista University Loras College

Source: IIAC website