2019 Caribbean Baseball Cup

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The 2019 Caribbean Baseball Cup was the second Caribbean Baseball Cup. It was held in December 2019 in the Dominican Republic and featured seven teams

December 5[edit]

December 6[edit]

  • Dominican Republic 9, Peru 0 . Wilson Sirit drives in 3 and Edwin Adon gets the win, while Alonso Peña (perhaps Alonso Tenya misspelled? the source had other typos) is the losing hurler. Susumu Yoza has a couple hits for Peru,
  • U.S. Virgin Islands 7, Aruba 6. Jahmoi Percival drives in 3 and Steven Ventura saves Roberto Soto's win. Kelvin Silvania goes 3 for 5 for Aruba, while Ryan Huntingdon takes the loss.
  • Venezuela 12, Jamaica 0. Carlos Alvarado gets the win over Derrick Reas, while Miguel Chacoa has 3 hits for Venezuela.

December 7[edit]

  • Peru 16, Haiti 1. Juan Casas gets the victory for Peru in a mercy rule win.
  • U.S. Virgin Islands 12, Peru 2.
  • Venezuela 5, Aruba 1. Rubén Rojas is 2 for 2 and Marcel Contreras is the winning hurler. For Aruba, Julio Hernandez is 2 for 3 with their lone RBI and Angelo Cámara takes the loss.

December 8[edit]

  • Peru 5, U.S. Virgin Islands 4. In the semifinals, the Virgin Islands take their first loss.
  • Dominican Republic 8, Venezuela 3.


  • U.S. Virgin Islands 8, Venezuela 3. The Virgin Islands takes third place.
  • Dominican Republic 7, Peru 1. The Dominicans win the title.


Aruba (incomplete)[edit]

Dominican Republic (incomplete)[edit]

  • Edwin Adon
  • Fernando Fermin
  • Willy Guerrero
  • Junior Javier
  • Wilson Siri(t)

Haiti (incomplete)[edit]

  • Henry Decio
  • Wander Pujols
  • Francisco Sancl

Jamaica (incomplete)[edit]

  • Trudeau Francis
  • Jeli Gordon
  • Derrick Reas

Peru (incomplete)[edit]

U.S. Virgin Islands (incomplete)[edit]

Venezuela (incomplete)[edit]

Source: Extra Innings