Nettuno, Lazio

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Nettuno is located about 20 miles south of Rome, on the Adriatic Sea. The rival baseball teams Nettuno and Nettuno Baseball City play here. Nettuno was also used as a site for the 1999 European Cup.

Nettuno is the nearest city to the World War II allied landing site in January 1944, although the ensuing battle has gone down into the history books under the name "Battle of Anzio", resulting in most people outside Italy being unaware of that fact. Baseball was introduced to the region by the American (and Canadian) troops taking part in the operation, and strongly encouraged by local dignitary Prince Steno Borghese, who was installed as Anzio's interim mayor by the allies and built the first ballpark in Italy on his estate. The city has remained a baseball hotbed ever since and is known in Italy as the "City of Baseball" ("Citta del Baseball" as proclaimed by a large sign at the town's entrance).

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