Negro World Series

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The Negro World Series was an interleague championship series between the respective eastern and midwestern champions of the Negro Leagues. The Series ran for four years from 1924 through 1927 (when it was referred to as the "Colored World Series") between the winners of the Eastern Colored League and the first Negro National League, and for seven years from 1942 through 1948 between the winners of the second Negro National League and the Negro American League.

The Negro Leagues existed as an organized entity only from 1920 through 1962, and there were many years when only one viable Negro league was operating by season's end. In addition, the Colored World Series was never the financial windfall that the white World Series was, and there were seasons where rival leagues did not find it practical to hold a post-season championship. As a result, the Colored World Series never had the status of being the Negro Leagues' premier event -- the East-West Game generally claimed that honor.




Year Western Champion Results Eastern Champion
Negro National League no eastern league
1920 Chicago American Giants N/A
1921 Chicago American Giants N/A
1922 Chicago American Giants N/A
Negro National League Eastern Colored League
1923 Kansas City Monarchs NP Hilldale
1924 Kansas City Monarchs 5-4 Hilldale
1925 Kansas City Monarchs 1-5 Hilldale
1926 Chicago American Giants 5-4 Bacharach Giants
1927 Chicago American Giants 5-3 Bacharach Giants
1928 St. Louis Stars NP league disbanded
no champion declared
Negro National League American Negro League
1929 Kansas City Monarchs NP Baltimore Black Sox
Negro National League no league
team with best record
1930 St. Louis Stars NP Lincoln Giants
1931 Kansas City Monarchs NP Hilldale
Negro Southern League East-West League
1932 Chicago American Giants NP Detroit Wolves
no western league Negro National League
1933 N/A Chicago American Giants
1934 N/A Chicago American Giants
1935 N/A Pittsburgh Crawfords
1936 N/A Pittsburgh Crawfords
Negro American League Negro National League
1937 Kansas City Monarchs NP Homestead Grays
1938 Memphis Red Sox NP Homestead Grays
1939 Kansas City Monarchs NP Baltimore Elite Giants
1940 Kansas City Monarchs NP Homestead Grays
1941 Kansas City Monarchs NP Homestead Grays
1942 Kansas City Monarchs 4-0 Homestead Grays
1943 Birmingham Black Barons 3-4 Homestead Grays
1944 Birmingham Black Barons 1-4 Homestead Grays
1945 Cleveland Buckeyes 4-0 Homestead Grays
1946 Kansas City Monarchs 3-4 Newark Eagles
1947 Cleveland Buckeyes 1-4 New York Cubans
1948 Birmingham Black Barons 1-4 Homestead Grays

Further Reading[edit]

  • Larry Lester: Baseball's First Colored World Series: The 1924 Meeting of the Hilldale Giants and the Kansas City Monarchs, McFarland, Jefferson, NC, 2006.