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The Negro Major Baseball League was founded in 1942, consisting of six teams. All teams had been established independent semi-pro squads before the league's formation. Major Robert Jackson, formerly an officer with both the Chicago American Giants and the Negro American League, was named president of the league.

Teams were:

The Baltimore Grays had operated as a semi-pro team named the Edgewater Giants before upgrading their roster. They first took the name the Baltimore Black Orioles, but changed the name before playing a game. The Clowns, formerly known as the Miami Ethiopian Clowns, had won the Denver Post Tournament in 1941 and were considered a top-level Negro team, but had been refused entry into either the Negro National League or Negro American League due to their comedy routines, which were considered racially demeaning. The Brown Bombers had previously played as the Palmer House Stars, had participated in the National Baseball Congress World Series in Wichita, KS in 1940 or '41, and were rumored to have had boxer Joe Louis as an investor (hence their choice of a new name).

Two other clubs, the Philadelphia Daisies and the Nashville Stars, were occasionally mentioned as members of the NML, but this was at best an unofficial affiliation.

Teams primarily barnstormed, and some played games against teams of the two established leagues. However, the general quality of the league is considered to be only minor league. The league did provide additional barnstorming opposition to the top-tier teams, as well as a number of players who were signed by the two big leagues during the season.

No records were kept by the league, and no final standings were issued. It was generally accepted that the Clowns had the best record in the league, and that the Brown Bombers were second-best.

The league quietly folded at the end of the season. The Clowns were accepted into the Negro American League in 1943, and the other teams returned to independent semi-pro barnstorming status. The Brown Bombers joined the United States Baseball League in 1945.


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