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Team History[edit]

The Charros de Jalisco (Jalisco Horsemen) made their Mexican League debut in 1949, but lasted just 4 seasons. They were revived in 1964 and won the Liga pennant three years later. They won another title in 1971, despite trailing 3-0 in the championship series. The team again vanished after the 1975 season.

The next revival was a very short one when the Charros appeared in the Mexican Center League under the name Charros de Guadalajara; a highlight on that club was the presence of longtime Mexican League star Ray Torres.

The next Charro team was also short-lived as in 1988 the Charros popped up for the third time in the Liga. That year the Puebla Angels moved to Guadalajara and became the new edition of the Jalisco Charros. Despite going 75-55, drawing over 270,000 fans (second in the league) and boasting prominent players like Willie Aikens, the team ran into conflict with the League. With the Mexican League authorities demanding new ownership, the team was moved after the 1988 season to Monterrey, where they became the Monterrey Industrials. Jalisco returned once again in 1991, when the Charros' Rich Renteria hit .442 to lead the league. That edition of the Charros lasted through 1995 without claiming a third title for Jalisco.

In 2014, the team was re-born as a winter league team in the Mexican Pacific League. They finished atop the league standings that first season but did not win the postseason; in 2019, they took the title despite a sub-.500 regular season.

Year-by-Year Record - LMB[edit]

Year Record Finish Manager Playoffs
1949 43-41 3rd Manuel Arroyo / Alberto Romo Chavez
1950 50-34 1st Quincy Trouppe Lost League Finals
1951 40-44 6th Quincy Trouppe
1952 46-44 3rd Ramon Bragana / Jesus Diaz none
1964 47-92 8th Jim Rivera
1965 71-68 3rd Guillermo Garibay
1966 69-70 4th /5th (t) Guillermo Garibay
1967 85-55 1st Guillermo Garibay League Champs
1968 77-63 3rd Guillermo Garibay
1969 82-70 3rd Guillermo Garibay
1970 83-66 3rd Guillermo Garibay
1971 82-65 3rd Cananea Reyes League Champs
1972 77-60 3rd Cananea Reyes / Ossie Alvarez
1973 79-52 2nd Chico Garcia Lost in 1st round
1974 84-50 1st Chico Garcia Lost in 1st round
1975 73-61 5th Chico Garcia (interim Ossie Alvarez 7/16)
1977 35-31 5th Manuel Fortes
1978 23-34 11th Manuel Fortes (should be under Guadalajara!)
1988 75-55 3rd Carlos Paz Lost in 2nd round
1991 57-62 9th Roberto Castellon Lost in 1st round
1992 56-74 14th Roberto Castellon / Roberto Mendez / Marcelo Juarez
1993 61-65 9th Marcelo Juarez
1994 51-77 14th Ramon Montoya / Urbano Lugo / Roberto Mendez
1995 30-82 16th Fernando Villaescusa / Francisco Garcia / Domingo Rivera

Year-by-Year Record - LMP[edit]

Year Record Manager Playoffs
2014-15 42-26 Juan Navarrete Runner-up
2015-16 30-38 Juan Navarrete / Homar Rojas 1st round
2016-17 28-39 Homar Rojas / Felix Fermin / Edgar Gonzalez
2017-18 35-32 Tony Tarasco / Roberto Vizcarra Semi-final
2018-19 32-35 Roberto Vizcarra Champions
2019-20 39-28 Roberto Vizcarra 1st round
2020-21 30-29 Roberto Vizcarra 1st round
2021-22 36-31 Roberto Vizcarra Champions

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