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Arnaud Fau

  • Bats Left Throws Right

Biographical Information[edit]

Arnaud Fau was one of the top hitters on the French national team in the 1990s. He was also the first French player to play pro ball outside France (he played in Japan, in the industrial leagues for a team called Mikihouse)[1][2]. He also played outfield for the Huskies de Rouen in 1992. [3] Fau also played for the Cougars de Montigny in 1999, setting several team records that still stand (as of 2009). He earned a few mentions in their team Hall of Fame, earning 54 hits (3rd best overall), 13 doubles (4th best overall) and 4 HR (tied for 4th overall) with the team. He also set an all-time team record with 44 RBI, again in 1999. [4]

His prowess earned him a spot on a few All-Star teams, notably at the Merit Cup (USA) in 1992, where he earned the MVP award as a member of Team France (he was the best producing batter and the best defensive player of the tournament). [5]

Fau went 3 for 24 with a double as a RF/1B in the 1991 Intercontinental Cup. He batted .313/.452/.531 in the 1993 European Championship, fielding .987 at 1B. He had 9 runs, 8 RBI and 7 walks in nine games. He missed the top ten in slugging by .014 behind Franck Didot, tied Massimo Fochi, Edsel Martis and Oswald Boermans for second in the event in home runs (2, one behind Marcel Joost, tied Johnny Balentina, Rickard Reimer and Jurjan Koenen for 8th with 17 total bases and tied Leslie Segers, Bob van Aalen and Calle Skogqvist for 10th in walks. He missed the top 10 in runs and RBI by one of each. [6]

In the 1993 Intercontinental Cup, he hit .400/.438/.600 with 3 triples in 9 games as France's top hitter. He led the Cup in three-baggers that year. [7] He batted .375/.400/.583 in the 1994 Baseball World Cup, again leading the French squad; he had 3 errors in 7 games in left field. [8]

Fau starred in the 1995 European Championship, going 16 for 30 with 2 doubles, 5 home runs, 14 runs, 17 RBI and 6 walks in 7 games. He led the Euros that year in total bases and homers and tied Luigi Carrozza and Edsel Martis for the RBI lead. He was second to Sylvain Hervieux in slugging, 3rd in average and third in runs behind Johnny Balentina and Eddy Dix. He made the All-Star outfield for the Championship. [9]

Fau hit one home run in the 1997 European Championship, tying 17 others for the lead. [10] In the 1997 Intercontinental Cup, Fau hit .222/.250/.444 and had four outfield assists and no errors in nine games in right field. [11]

In the 1999 European Championship, the veteran hit .267/.333/.533 as the French left fielder. [12]

As of 2009/2010, he is listed on the Cougars de Montigny roster as a right-fielder [13].

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